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Education Index

The United Nations publishes a Human Development Index (HDI) every year, which consists of the Life Expectancy Index, Education index, and Income index. The Education Index is calculated from the Mean years of schooling index and the Expected years of schooling index.

Education is a major component of well-being and is used in the measure of economic development and quality of life, which is a key factor determining whether a country is a developed, developing, or underdeveloped nation.

Education index EI is calculated from "Expected years of schooling" EYS (Number of years a child of school entrance age can expect to spend in a given level of education) and "Mean years of schooling" MYS (Average number of completed years of education of a population [25 years and older]). "Expected years of schooling" is indexed by dividing by 18 and "Mean years of schooling" is indexed by dividing by 15. Education index is obtained by averaging these two indices. The maximum for "Mean years of schooling", 15, is the projected maximum of this indicator for 2025. The maximum for "Expected years of schooling", 18, is equivalent to achieving a master's degree in most countries.

Education Index is calculated as follows:

As of March 2015, the latest data was published as part of the Human Development Report from 2014, which can be downloaded directly from the UNDP website.

The table below lists data since 1980. The scoring system yields 1 as the highest possible theoretical score, indicating perfect education attainment. All countries considered to be developed countries (based on their HDI rank, see list of countries by HDI) possess high scores on education index as well.



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