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Ecoweek logo.jpg
Founded Established 2005. Non-profit status 2006 (Greece).
Type Environment and Sustainability.
Focus Environmental awareness, Sustainable design, Green Buildings, Sustainability, Placemaking, Urban Intervention.
Area served
Europe, Middle East and International.
Method Fieldwork, education, training, empowerment.
Slogan ...habits change...climate change
ECOWEEK has Associates in Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Israel, Netherlands, Palestine (West Bank), Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey and United Kingdom

ECOWEEK Εβδομάδα Οικολογίας (Greek) is a private non-profit, non-governmental international organization aiming towards the empowerment, networking, education and training of young professionals - architects, designers, engineers, landscape architects - towards sustainable urban and public interventions and facilitation of action through fieldwork, workshops, education and training and through cooperation with local authorities, organizations and leaders.

ECOWEEK mission is to raise environmental awareness and awareness on Climate Change and to promote the principles of Sustainability.

ECOWEEK was initially established in Aegina, Greece in 2005. It was conceived as a community event - Ecological Week in Aegina - to raise environmental awareness of the local community of 14,000. At the time Aegina was challenged by unresolved waste management, illegal burning of waste, inexistant waste recycling program, water shortages, energy shortages, and a thriving and partially unregulated spec construction market for summer houses, which although contributed to the local economy, it put pressure in protected areas to be developed and constructed. Construction also contributed in increasing illegal disposal of construction waste in natural reserves, and the increase of the summer population thus bringing the capacity of the existing infrastructures of the island to its limits.

Ecological Week in Aegina was held in Aegina for 2 years. In 2007, responding to an increase demand for environmental awareness beyond Aegina, ECOWEEK co-organized activity throughout Greece, and initiated free-admission screenings of award-winning documentary on Climate Change by Davis Guggenheim An Inconvenient Truth with Al Gore in schools, the army, and public screenings in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Lamia, Corfu, and Crete. Within this activity, in June 2007, ECOWEEK held a public free-admission keynote lecture and slide show on Climate Change by inviting Al Gore to the Athens Concert Hall. In 2008 an Ecological Week was also held in Larnaka, Cyprus, in cooperation with the Municipality of Larnaka], involving schools, universities, professional organizations, and the general public.

Since 2005, ECOWEEK developed diverse activity towards raising awareness to a variety of population groups, age-groups and interests. For example, children activity, cleaning of beaches, lottery of composters and solar chargers, academic and colloquial lectures, site visits, workshops, and film screenings. Since 2008, ECOWEEK focused more on 'green' design, ecological building and its activity primarily involved one-week-long 'green' design workshops and international conferences for young and established professionals - primarily architects, designers, landscape architects and engineers. ECOWEEK activity has been made possible through close collaboration with cultural institutions, such as the American Institute of Architects Continental Europe, the British Council, Goethe Institute, academic institutions, municipalities and governments. ECOWEEK events have taken place in Athens, Azaryia (Bethany), Belgrade, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Kraków, London, Milano, Tel Aviv, Thessaloniki, Prishtina, and Rome.



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