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Christoph Tisch

Christoph Tisch, also "Chris Tisch", (born 1986 in Erding) is a German fashion and graphic designer.

Christoph Tisch always was creative and inspired. When he was just 8 years old he created his first animated cartoon short movies. Drawing was one of his biggest hobbie. At the age of 14 his first website went live. Design was always an important part of his life and spent a lot of time in artworks, websites and he got his first jobs with well known companies. In 2001 he founded the advertising agency perfectborn focused on graphic and web design. Some years later he worked for known brands in the fashion and fitness industry and got a range of know-how. Now he has his own fashion label, but is still designing for other companies. He is also known for new artful fashion finishing techniques. Real gold, leather designs, spraying and very unusual vintage looks are some of his techniques.

Christoph Tisch is the creator of the T&Leather technology. A technique which combines fabric with synthetic leather are his specialization. Logos, slogans and patterns in the form of leather. A revolution in the fashion industry.

In 2004 Christoph Tisch founded EPANDOR, as an award-winning eSport team. From the beginning he had the vision to make unique shirts under this brand name. One year later, the first shirts came online. The goal of the label was to catch people's eye with special features. Instead of big prints, the brand started using patterns and brief slogans in the form of leather appliqués. A special technique was developed to give the leather appliqués a lasting hold on fabric without affecting wearing comfort. Due to the fact that leather on T-shirts was still rather uncommon at this time, since 2013 the technique has only been used for small features, such as logos.



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