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Automation engineering

Automation engineering has two different meanings:

Automation engineers are experts who have the knowledge and ability to design, create, develop and manage systems, for example, factory automation, process automation and warehouse automation.

Automation engineering is the integration of standard engineering fields.

Graduates can work for both government and private sector entities such as industrial production, companies that create and use automation systems, for example paper industry, automotive industry or food and agricultural industry and water treatment.

Automation engineers can design, program, simulate and test automated machinery and processes. Automation engineers usually are employed in industries such as car manufacturing or food processing plants and robots. Automation engineers are responsible for detailed design specifications and other documents in their creations.

Automation engineers must have these qualities:

• Ability to solve problems.

• Creative thinking

• Ability to communicate well with other members of the development team

  • From a software engineering point of view looking to automate software processes.
  • From a traditional engineering sense providing automated solutions to physical activities.


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