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Architecture Studies Library

The Architecture Studies Library (ASL) is located in the Paul B. Sogg Architecture Building, located on the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus. The services of the library address both the needs of the faculty and students of the UNLV School of Architecture, and also responds to the needs of researchers through an email reference service. The Library provides historical and current information and resources about architecture in Las Vegas, primarily through its Las Vegas Architects and Buildings Database.

The building was completed and occupied in August 1997. The Architecture Studies Library (approximately 16,000 gross square feet) includes spaces for book and periodical stacks, individual carrels on both of its floors, current periodicals display shelving, exhibits, a reference area, clippings files, special collections, group study rooms, and a computer lab.

The architect for the building was Swisher & Hall Architects of Las Vegas. The interiors furniture selection and placement was a project of one of the School's interior design classes.

The ASL provides an archival collection of Nevada AIA design awards spanning over a quarter of a century, in addition to summarized data on architectural projects, firms and individuals both through its inhouse collection of materials as well as its online materials, a few of which are listed below:

The online resources below provide access to numerous architecture related materials useful to students and researchers in the field of architecture.

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Coordinates: 36°06′09″N 115°08′19″W / 36.1026°N 115.1387°W / 36.1026; -115.1387



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