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Temple Fade (hairstyle)

The Temple Fade, also known as a Brooklyn Fade, Low Fade, or Blow Out, is a hairstyle that gained popularity in the early 2000s.

The hair is faded from skin to 1 cm (0.4 in) in length from the edge of the hairline up 2 cm (0.8 in). The rest of the hair is left the same length, usually 2–5 cm (0.8–2.0 in), depending on the preference of the client.

Regardless of its origins, the blowout's popularity was very strong, but peaked and declined sharply (although not into obscurity). It was popularized most notably by Rob Reha, the "Gotti Boys" on their reality TV series Growing Up Gotti, and by popular viral video "My New Haircut". It was trendy mainly in the northeast, particularly in Philadelphia and parts of New York and New Jersey.

Most recently the blowout is featured prominently on the 2009-2011 MTV reality show The Jersey Shore. This show has spawned blowout-themed parties, pub crawls, and viewing parties. On the show, Pauly D is proponent of this hairstyle. He has appeared in viral videos showing others how to create and maintain a blowout.

Internet Radio Host Andrew Zarian has been attributed as one of the first people to bring the hair style Queens NY.

Jersey Shore's popularity piqued new interest in the blowout cut and spread throughout the United States, with cities like Baltimore, Detroit, and Cleveland occupying this hairstyle trend. Several how-to video tutorials to produce the styles and modified forms have been made. It is popular amongst Italian Americans, South Asian Americans, Arab Americans and Mexican Americans.



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