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List of professional wrestling promotions in New Zealand

This is a list of professional wrestling promotions in New Zealand and lists both active and notable defunct professional wrestling promotions.

Name Location Owner(s) Years active Notes
Aftershock Pro Wrestling Christchurch Kris Griffiths 2014– Regional promotion based in Canterbury.
Hughes Academy of Professional Wrestling Auckland Graham Hughes 2013–
Impact Pro Wrestling Auckland Nathan Fenwick
Dave Gerbault
Daniel Burnell
2000– Started as Mania Pro Wrestling, company re-emerged as IPW early 2003. Associated with Australia's Major Impact Wrestling. Its weekly television show, IPW Ignition, was the first wrestling program to air in New Zealand since the 1980s.
Independent Wrestling Initiative Tikipunga 2014–
Maniacs United Auckland Melissa Jones Stacey Stewart 2011- Originally formed to specialise in female pro wrestling training and promotion. New Zealand's perspective female talent pool is small, therefore the promotion had to forgo its aim to only train women. Today Maniacs United trains both women and men in fundamental to advanced pro wrestling. Using a curriculum developed by 15+ years as a pro wrestler, 3+ years of teaching pro wrestling, intense research and respected pro wrestling literature Maniacs is the only company in New Zealand using a curriculum. Training is facilitated by New Zealand's female pro wrestling veteran Stacey Stewart. Maniacs United and their pro wrestlers (known as Maniacs) produced three of its own shows before its second anniversary and competed at national shows. Maniacs United aims to provide audiences with a unique flair to professional wrestling in New Zealand.
New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling Wellington Martin Stirling 2003– Originally known as Wellington Pro Wrestling from 2003 to 2005.
Professional Wrestling Entertainment Waikato 2015–
Ultimate Championship Wrestling Nationwide Matt Docherty 2016–
XIII Wrestling Tokoroa Jaxon McCloskey 2016-
Southern Pro Wrestling Invercargill 2015– Providing high quality Professional Wrestling Entertainment to the Otago and Southland regions of New Zealand. Based out of Invercargill.
All Star Pro-Wrestling Wellington Steve Rickard 1962–1992 Succeeded DWU as the single major wrestling promotion in New Zealand.
Arena Wrestling Alliance Wellington Don Muraco 1990
Central Wrestling Association Wellington John DaSilva 1960s–1970s Short-lived rival of Rickard's All Star Pro-Wrestling. Later bought out by Rickard.
Dominion Wrestling Union Wellington Walter Miller
Steve Rickard
1929–1961 First wrestling promotion in New Zealand.
International Wrestling Federation Auckland Vaughan Palelei
Martin Stirling
Kiwi Pro Wrestling Wellington Rip Morgan 2006–2014 Host of Off the Ropes.
New Zealand Wrestling Union Auckland
South Pacific Wrestling Association Auckland Ernie Pinches
Don Scott
Wai-Kato Wrestling Association Auckland Shane O'Rourke 1991–1992
Southern Championship Wrestling Blenheim 2009–2014



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