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      Sucrology is the hobby of collecting sugar packets/sachets/wrappers/sticks/packs/bags. Sucrologists normally collect the small packets of sugar that are most commonly found in restaurants, hotels and airlines. Sugar packets come in all varieties of shapes such as tube/stick, square, etc. Countries like Portugal and Italy where the hobby is highly celebrated, you can also find series of sugar packets produced by local coffee or sugar companies such as Eridania (IT) and Delta (PT). In countries such as Belgium and France, wrapped sugar cubes are more commonly used, hence sucrologists do collect sugar cube wrappers as well.

      Types of Sugar Packets

      The most common kinds of sugar packets that can be found are white sugar, brown sugar or demerara sugar and sweeteners. In many countries, the packets are color coded; white sugar in white packets, demerara sugar in brown packets, sweeteners come in blue, pink, yellow or green packets.

      Acquiring Sugar Packets

      Sucrologists usually find sugar packets in cafés, restaurants, hotels, airlines, and some special events. To collect sugar packets from places far away, collectors ask their friends and family or travel themselves. Another popular method of increasing collection is by trading or swapping with other sucrologists. To find other collectors, there are clubs or running a search online may help to connect with other sucrologists. Lastly, collectible sugar packets can be bought on popular auction websites, even though it is not a highly desirable method of increasing collection among many sucrologists.

      Sucrology Clubs

      There are numerous sucrology themed clubs in Europe. The most notable club is the UK Sucrologists' Club. Clubs often hold annual meetings locally or internationally where sucrologists from around the world gather to trade sugar packets and meet fellow sucrologists.

      Popular Themes

      There are lots of collectors who prefer to primarily focus on collecting sugar packets with a certain theme. For example, collecting sugar packets from various airlines is an extremely popular theme. Other themes include hotels, fast-food chains such as McDonald's, vintage sugar packets, series and sweeteners. Many sucrologists also like to collect by designs or images on the packets which may range from floral, zodiac signs, nature to cartoons.

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