• Roadster utility

    Roadster utility

    • A Roadster utility is an automobile with an open-topped roadster body and a rear cargo bed. The concept is similar to that of the coupe utility which combines a closed coupe body with a rear cargo bed. The style was common in Australia prior to World War II. The term Light Delivery was often used for the roadster utility in that country.

      In the United States this body style was called a Roadster Pickup and was popular during the 1920s and early 1930s, some surviving as restored vintage cars or 'jalopy' relics of curiosty. Several manufacturers like Ford or Dodge offered it as standard models in their commercial vehicle catalogues.

      1927 Chevrolet National roadster utility

      1936 Ford Model 48 Roadster Utility

      1937 Willys roadster utility

      1946 Morris 8/40 Series E Roadster Utility

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    • Roadster utility