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    • Ritambhara (festival)
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      Genre Non-Profit, Student run Organization
      Location(s) Kanpur, India
      Years active 52
      Founded 1964
      Patron(s) Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

      Ritambhara (Hindi: ऋतंभरा) is the fashion carnival of Antaragni, the annual cultural fest of the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur held in the month of October. It is a three-day-long event, attracting participation from more than 100 colleges across the country. Ritambhara has witnessed judges like Nawazuddin Siddiqui,Kunal Kapoor,Kanika Kapur, Noyonita Lodh, Shilpa Singh. Started in 1964, by a group of enthusiastic IITians,Ritambhara,now in its 52nd edition serves as a platform for designers and models alike to showcase their talents and skills through several themed competitive events.It is a non-profit event run solely by the students of IIT Kanpur. It was initially small and was funded entirely by the Student Gymkhana of IIT Kanpur.But with time it acquired fame in the world of fashion and today the budget is raised through sponsorship.Over the years, Ritambhara has also attracted considerable media attention and numerous well-known sponsors.

      Ritambhara as a whole comprises several competitions:

      Ritambhara Prelims - This is held on the first day of Antaragni, witnessing participation from about 20 college teams, which compete to be selected further by the jury for the Finale round.

      Ritambhara Finale - On the next day of Prelims, the selected teams compete further, of which one team with a great éclat is declared as the winner and one to be the runner-up.The best performing models are given the titles of Mr. Ritambhara and Ms. Ritambhara.

      Mr. and Ms. Impresionante - On the third day, this event sees individual participants, instead of teams, competing for the title of Mr. Impresionante and Ms. Impresionante.

      Elegancia - It is an online selfie contest which invites participation from all over the country and the winner is decided based on the number of votes on his/her selfie.

      The Dream On campaign allows participants to be mentored by people working in industry. Dream On was held for the first time with Antaragni 12.This concept was also introduced in Ritambhara at the same time. In the past,the winners were provided with direct professional portfolio shoots with fashion photographers, fashion designers and modelling agencies including Rohit Dhingra, Faces Model Management, Modelling India. [check quotation syntax]

      Year Judges
      2010 Miss Fernanda, Rinku Sobti, Rohit Dhingra
      2011 Rohit Dhingra, Prateek Kharb, Abdul Haider
      2012 Pallavi Jaipur, Rishita Monga, Hemant J khendiwal, Kartik Tiwari, Nushrat Bharucha
      2013 Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Elena Kazan, Munish Khanna, Chhaya Mehrotra, Niket and Jaini
      2014 Kunal Kapoor, Prachi Mishra, Hemant Sood, Sujit Meher
      2015 Noyonita Lodh, Shilpa Singh, Kanika Kapur, Siddharth Joshi, Josh Goraya

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