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    • The quiff is a hairstyle that combines the 1950s pompadour hairstyle, the 1950s flattop, and sometimes a mohawk. The hairstyle was a staple in the British 'Teddy Boy' movement, but became popular again in Europe in the early 1980s and faced a resurgence in popularity during the '90s.

      The etymology of the word "quiff" is uncertain, and several proposals have been suggested for its origin.

      The modern-day quiff includes plenty of hair at the front of the top of the head, receding into shorter hair at the back with a trimmed back and sides.

      The Japanese punch perm, a favorite among Yakuza (organized criminals) and Bōsōzoku (biker gangs), is similar to the quiff.

      • It may derive from the Hindi word quoff, meaning hair slicked back.
      • It may owe its origin to the French word coiffe, which can mean either a hairstyle or, going further back, the mail that knights wore over their heads and under their helmets.
      • Another possible candidate for its origin is the Dutch word kuif, meaning "crest." The Dutch name for Tintin, who sports a quiff, is Kuifje, which is the diminutive of the same word.
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