• Handle-o-Meter


    • The Handle-o-Meter is a testing machine developed by Johnson & Johnson and now manufactured by Thwing-Albert that measures the "handle", i.e. a combination of surface friction and flexibility of sheeted materials.

      Originally it was used to test the durability and flexibility of toilet paper and paper towels.

      The test sample is placed over an adjustable slot. The resistance encountered by the penetrator blade as it is moved into the slot by a pivoting arm is measured.

      The data collected when such nonwovens, tissues, toweling, film and textiles are tested has been shown to correlate well with the actual performance of these specific material's performance as a finished product.

      Materials are simply placed over the slot that extends across the instrument platform and then the tester hits test. There are three different test modes which can be applied to the material: single, double, and quadruple. The average is automatically calculated for double or quadruple tests.

      • Adjustable slot openings
      • Interchangeable beams
      • Auto-ranging
      • 2 x 40 LCD display
      • Statistical Analysis
      • RS-232 Output and Serial Port
      • Industry Standards:
      • ASTM D2923, D6828-02
      • TAPPI T498
      • INDA IST 90.3
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    • Handle-o-Meter