• Floating sheerleg

    Floating sheerleg

    • A floating sheerleg or simply sheerleg is a floating water vessel with a crane (the "sheerleg" itself), which, unlike a crane vessel, is not capable of rotating its crane independently of its hull.

      There is a huge variety in sheerleg capacity. The smaller cranes start around 50 tons in lifting capacity, with the largest being able to lift over 4000 tons. The bigger sheerlegs usually have their own propulsion system and have a large accommodation facility on board, while smaller units are floating pontoons that need to be towed to their workplace by tugboats.

      Sheerlegs are commonly used for salvaging ships, assistance in shipbuilding, loading and unloading large cargo into ships, and bridge building. They have grown considerably larger over the last decades due to a marked increase in vessel, cargo, and component size (of ships, offshore oil rigs, and other large fabrications), resulting in heavier lifts both during construction and in salvage operations.

      Name Company Lifting capacity Country
      Hyundai-10000 Hyundai Heavy Industries 10,000 ton Korea
      Svanen Van Oord 8700 ton Netherlands
      Asian Hercules III Asian Lift (Smit & Keppel FELS) 5300 ton Singapore
      HL 5000 Deep Offshore Technology 4536 ton Iran
      kaisho IHI 4100 ton Japan
      Yoshida No.50 3700 ton Japan
      Musashi Fukada Salvage 3700 ton Japan
      Rambiz Scaldis 3300 tons Belgium
      Asian Hercules II Asian Lift (Smit & Keppel FELS) 3200 ton Singapore
      Fuji Fukada Salvage 3000 ton Japan
      SADAF3000 Darya Fan Qeshm Industries (SADAF) 3000 ton Iran
      Taklift 4 Boskalis Marine Contractors 2200 ton Netherlands
      Suruga Fukada Salvage 2200 ton Japan
      Kongo Fukada Salvage 2050 ton Japan
      Left Coast Lifter Tappan Zee Constructors 1929 ton United States
      Matador 3 Bonn & Mees 1800 ton Netherlands
      Asian Hercules Asian Lift (Smit & Keppel FELS) 1600 ton Singapore
      Taklift 6 Asian Lift (Smit & Keppel FELS) 1200 ton Singapore
      PW L-1501 Pacific Workboats Pte Ltd 1500 ton Singapore
      Lifter 1 Saipem 1400 ton Malta
      Shin-kenryu Yorigami Maritime Construction Co 1400 ton Japan
      Shin-hakuho Yorigami Maritime Construction Co 1300 ton Japan
      Taklift 7 Smit Internationale 1200 ton Netherlands
      ITALIA Fli. Neri 1000 ton Italy
      Smit Cyclone Asian Lift (Smit & Keppel FELS) 1000 ton Bahamas
      Taklift 1 Smit Internationale 800 ton Netherlands
      PW L-801 Pacific Workboats Pte Ltd 800 ton Singapore
      Izu Fukada Salvage 700 ton Japan
      Yamato Fukada Salvage 700 ton Japan
      Koei-go Fukada Salvage 600 ton Japan
      Enak Bugsier Reederei und Bergungs GmbH & Co KG 600 ton Germany
      Uglen J.J Ugland 600 ton Norway
      RMG 500 Resolve Salvage & Fire 500 ton Singapore
      Norma Scaldis 440 ton Belgium
      Asian Helping Hand III Asian Lift (Smit & Keppel FELS) 400 ton Singapore
      Consul Tenwolde Transport en Repair 400 ton Netherlands
      GPS Apollo GPS Marine 400 ton UK / Netherlands
      GPS Atlas GPS Marine 400 ton UK / Netherlands
      Matador Bonn & Mees 400 ton Netherlands
      Matador 2 Bonn & Mees 400 ton Netherlands
      Smit Typhoon Asian Lift (Smit & Keppel FELS) 400 ton Bahamas
      SBG Himmat Arihant Ship Breakers [1] 400 ton India
      HEBO-Lift 7 HEBO Maritiemservice B.V. 300 ton Netherlands
      Floating Crane No. 303 Fukada Salvage 300 ton Japan
      Wagenborg Triton Wagenborg Towage Wagenborg Towage 300 ton Netherlands / Germany

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