• Barmer district

    Barmer district

    • Barmer district
      बाडमेर जिला
      District of Rajasthan
      Country India
      State Rajasthan
      Administrative division Jodhpur Division
      Headquarters Barmer, Rajasthan
      Tehsils Barmer, Dhorimanna, Baytoo, Chohtan, Guda Malani, Pachpadra, Ramsar, Sheo, Siwana
       • Total 28,387 km2 (10,960 sq mi)
      Population (2011)
       • Total 2,603,751
       • Density 92/km2 (240/sq mi)
       • Urban 6.98%
       • Literacy 56.53
       • Sex ratio 902
      Major highways NH 15, NH 112
      Website Official website

      Barmer District (बाडमेर जिला) is a district in Rajasthan state of India. It is located in the western part of Rajasthan state forming a part of the Thar Desert. Barmer is the third largest district by area in Rajasthan and fifth largest district in India. Occupying an area of 28,387 km2. Being in the western part of the state, it includes a part of the Thar Desert. Jaisalmer is to the north of this district while Jalore is in its south. Pali and Jodhpur form its eastern border and it shares a border with Pakistan in the west. Partially being a desert, this district has a large variation in temperature. The temperature in summer can rise up to 51 °C and falls to 0 °C in winter. Luni is the longest river in Barmer district. After travelling a length of almost 500 km, it passes through Jalore and merges in the marshy land of Runn of Kutch. District headquarters is in the town of Barmer. The other major towns in the district are: Balotra, Guda Malani, Baytoo, Siwana, Jasol and Chohatan. Recently, a large onshore oil field has been discovered and made functional in Barmer district.

      In earlier times, the district was known as Mallani, in the name of Rawal Mallinath (मल्लिनाथ). Rawal Mallinath was the son of Rao Salkha and Rawal Mallinath is cultural,philanthropical and religious icon in Barmer, He is worshiped as God by local peoples. The whole area around the river Luni was said to have Malani (मलानी), derived from the name Mallinath. Present name of Barmer is derived from its founder ruler Bahada Rao or Bar Rao Parmar (Juna Barmer), it was named Bahadamer ("The Hill Fort of Bahada"). He build a small town which is presently known as “Juna” which is 25 km from present city of Barmer. After Parmer’s, Rawat Luka -Grand Son of Rawal Mallinath, establish their kingdom in Juna Barmer with help of his brother Rawal Mandalak. They defeated Parmers of Juna & made it their capital. Thereafter, his descendant, Rawat Bhima, who was a great warrior, established the present city of Barmer in 1552 AD and shifted his capital to Barmer from Juna. .

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