• Applied engineering (field)

    Applied engineering (field)

    • Applied engineering is the field concerned with the application of management, design, and technical skills for the design and integration of systems, the execution of new product designs, the improvement of manufacturing processes, and the management and direction of physical and/or technical functions of a firm or organization. Applied-engineering degreed programs typically include instruction in basic engineering principles, project management, industrial processes, production and operations management, systems integration and control, quality control, and statistics.

      On completion of an applied engineering program, students will demonstrate the following management competencies that clearly distinguish them from traditional engineering graduates:

      • Use appropriate statistical techniques in variable and attribute control charts and in sampling tables for continuous improvement.

      • Evaluate and/or implement total quality systems in industry.

      • Perform production scheduling, develop and monitor an inventory control system, utilize appropriate production planning techniques, and identify and exhibit key factors in project management.

      • Exhibit knowledge of federal and state safety legislation and identify the role of management in an industrial safety program.

      • Recognize, evaluate and control varied industrial health and safety hazards.

      • Demonstrate knowledge of traditional management functions and practices, including applications and limitations of various management schemes.

      • Solve problems in typical industrial organizations, work effectively in teams, and demonstrate knowledge of the managed area of an industrial enterprise.

      • Apply business, marketing and economic principles to solve problems.

      • Identify responsibility of supervision and management within various industries.

      • Demonstrate communication skills, safe and efficient individual and group work habits, leadership within groups and an attitude of cooperation and tolerance.

      Applied engineering students specialize with a technical area of study and blend hands-on process experience with theory. Examples of these technical specialties include: automation/robotics, aviation, computer aided drafting & design, electro-mechanical, electronics, construction, graphic communications, manufacturing, nanofabrication.

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    • Applied engineering (field)