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    Acting coach

    • An acting coach or drama coach is a teacher who trains performers–typically film, television, theatre and, musical theatre actors–and gives them advice and mentoring to enable them to improve their acting and dramatic performances, prepare for auditions and prepare better for roles.

      Acting coaches need to have a "talent is for reading people, all their utterances and body language." Acting coaches have been called "people whisperers", a reference to "horse whisperers" who help to train animals. Acting coach Ivana Chubbuck states that one of her roles is to ensure that "every actor...must know what the character's objective is in a scene—to win someone's love, respect, sympathy, whatever—and then must have a ruthlessness about achieving the objective." Chubbuck works with actors to help them to connect with the emotion inside the character. Acting coaches also " [drama] students audition for college".Acting coach and actor Woodell-Mascall is "...skilled at zeroing in on what young actors need to do to improve their performance." Woodell-Mascall tells one student actor to "...really think about who [the character] is and what she's feeling. It's got to be real."She provides constructive criticism to students. Woodell-Mascall has helped students to get into drama programs at schools "...including NYU, Juilliard, Rutgers and UCLA".Some acting coaches use an "...approach and technique of acting training [that] are considered established, proven methods of creating the [dramatic] work", such as using the "...methodology of Constantin Stanislavski, Stella Adler, Uta Hagen, Lee Strasberg, and Sanford Meisner."

      Some acting coaches provide students with a DVD or SD card recording of their acting, for the student to review their progress.

      Major acting coaches includej: Larry Moss, Ivana Chubbuck, Terry Schreiber, and David Mamet.

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