• ARCS Foundation

    ARCS Foundation

    • The ARCS foundation (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists) is a non-profit organization that is administered by a group of women who financially support graduates and undergraduates of the United States's colleges and universities. They provide scholarships and awards to create new discoveries in the field of biological and chemical science and technology.

      According to ARCS Scholar Shirin Doroudgar, Ph.D. Researcher, Molecular Cardiology, "Organization like ARCS foundation are the perfect example of how a group of people poised to take action can make a difference."

      In 1958 a group of women contacted California Institute of Technology President Lee DuBridge to start the program.

      The main objective was declared on the Caltech campus in Pasadena, CA on September 18, 1958: ". . . raise money for scholarships and fellowships (now known as Scholar Awards) . . . for the support of both undergraduate and graduate students.

      ARCS scholars perform research in their field and publicize their work in their preferred field.

      ARCS scholars must be:

      Eligible fields of study are:

      Academic accomplishments include:

      Scientific accomplishments include:

      Economic accomplishments include:

      • United States citizens
      • Have a GPA of 3.5 or higher
      • 7500 scholars
      • 75,000 articles published in refereed journals
      • 65,000 papers and major presentations made"
      • 6800 scientific awards
      • 3600 patents are registered by 1000 scholars
      • 1800 science-related company start-ups
      • $10 billion in annual revenue
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