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Travel survey

A travel survey (or travel diary or travel behavior inventory) is a survey of individual travel behavior. Most surveys collect information about an individual (socio-economic, demographic, etc.), their household (size, structure, relationships), and a diary of their journeys on a given day (their start and end location, start and end time, mode of travel, accompanyment and purpose of travel).

Major travel surveys are conducted in metropolitan areas typically once a decade. Some regions, notably metropolitan Seattle, Washington conduct a panel survey, which interviews the same people year after year, to see how their particular behavior evolves over time.

Auckland, New Zealand - A travel survey was conducted in 2006 and involved 6,000 households in the greater Auckland region.

Brisbane, Australia - The South East Queensland Travel Survey collects travel data in the Greater Brisbane region and the neighbouring areas of Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. The continuous survey commenced in 2003 and surveys around 6,000 households every two years.

Hobart, Australia - The Greater Hobart Household Travel Survey collects information from 200 households each month.

London, United Kingdom - The London Travel Demand Survey covers 8,000 households annually. Data is collected via face to face interviews.

Sydney, Australia - The continuous Household Travel Survey collects travel data annually for approximately 3,500 households in the Sydney Greater Metropolitan Region.

Washington, United States - The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments conducted a 10,000 household survey in 2007.

Southern Ontario, the Transportation Tomorrow Survey was conducted in 2005-6 (two phases: September 2005 -> January 2006 and September 2006 -> February 2007). This is a repeat survey using essentially the same instrument as conducted in 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001 and most recently 2006 where 149,631 households comprise the final database. The survey was conducted using telephone interviews with an advance letter sent to households to solicit their participation.

Denmark's most recent National Travel was in 2006. The interview was conducted using the internet and telephone interviews.



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