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Strategic Operations

Strategic Operations (STOPS) is a military, law enforcement and medical training company in San Diego, California which consists of a converted movie studio that has been dedicated to so-called "hyper-realistic" training. The president of Strategic Operations is Stu Segall. STOPS is part of Stu Segall Productions, an independent TV/Movie Studio.

STOPs offers both training and simulators which assist in training in the military, medical and law enforcement professions.

STOPs military services include a Tactical Training Laboratory built to realistically depict a wide array of physical locations for tactical military training. These incorporate realistic, movie stage type effects and professional, trained role players to depict typical human interactions found in combat. There is also a simulated ship and several simulated aircraft on site for maritime and aviation-based training. The training site is cleared for Simunition.

STOPs can also export training facilities, based on structures incorporating cargo containers built on site by STOPs personnel, or lightweight Relocatable Habitation Units (RHUs) which can be set up by the customer.

STOPs offers a Surgical Cut Suit which allows first responders and physicians to practice performing surgical and emergency procedures on patients with simulated traumatic, life-threatening injuries. This cut suit is anatomically correct, with versions depicting both genders, and includes alimentary canal simulation as well as both arterial and non-arterial blood supplies. STOPS has also created a blood pumping system that can be controlled remotely, blast trousers for treatment of severe bleeding injuries that are above the knee and above tourniquet placement and also a 6-in-1 TCCC trainer, an upper torso that provides training for multiple procedures to clear airways and restore breathing



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