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Shriman Satyawadi

Shriman Satyawadi
Shriman Satyawadi Film Poster.jpg
Cover of Shriman Satyawadi
Directed by S M Abbas
Produced by Mahipatray Shah
Written by Manu Prasad
Screenplay by Adi Marzban
Music by Dattaram Wadkar
  • Jayendra Kapadia
  • C.S. Puttu
Edited by Ramchandra Mahadik
Distributed by Ultra Distributors
Release date
Running time
147 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi

Shriman Satyawadi is a Hindi film made in 1960 directed by S M Abbas.Raj Kapoor in lead role is seen in the social drama as an honest man, who will experience only too well how difficult it is to compete in a dishonest world.

Young Vijaykumar lives with his sick and widowed father Mohanlal under poor conditions. As an honest shopkeeper, he deserves the wherewithal to provide himself and his son. This doesn't fit the neighbour and competitor Lalachand at all. One day he hid cocaine in Mohanlal's shop and alerted the police. After the police found it, they wanted to dissipate (?) Mohanlal who is always honest. But the sick man would not coped with this and would die of heart attack.

Sad about this death, Vijay never forgot the words of his father and grew up to be an honest doctor. After graduating college, he finds a job in the advertising department of the rich Champalal and his daughter, Geeta, who is responsible for this Department. Also, he meets Kishore, Lalachand's son, who could not stand Vijay during school.

While Vijay and Kishore fight for Geeta's heart, Lalachand wants to increase his fortune. He makes the ignorant Champalal his investor and manufactures ungeteste (?) skin creams and fake painkillers.

Wanting to impress Geeta with fast success, Kishore releases the cream in market, without waiting for the test reports. However, already the first customers come with their complaints while the editor of a local newspaper, Moni Chatterjee, is present and interviews Vijay. This confirms that the cream was already introduced in the market before waiting for the test report.

The article in the newspaper represents a bad publicity for Champalal's company and Vijay is accused of telling the truth. Since this would otherwise breach his principles, Vijay quits his job, much to the annoyance of Geeta, who is already in love with the honest man.

Soon, Vijay finds a job with Moni Chatterjee, who was impressed by his honesty. Due to his sincere reports, Vijay is very popular so that turns a helpless blind man to him someday. He maintain his child had died as a result of a painkiller. Vijay is the thing on the ground. His track ultimately leads him to Lalachand, threatening with death, if ever an article about the toxic pain killers should appear. But Vijay felt afraid of the truth and gets into some turbulence. Finally the truth prevails and Lalachand is discharged while Champalal apologizes Vijay. Also Geeta practitioner love finds a Happy ending.



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