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Self-cleaning floor

A self-cleaning floor is a floor surface that reduces the amount of chemicals, energy, and human resources associated with cleaning floor surfaces. Such floors are meant for use in hospitals, toilets and other places in which cleanliness is of vital importance. In Europe, most of the leading ceramic tiles and sanitary ware manufacturers have products on the market with self cleaning features.

The Grabo Silver Knight resilient floor covering is the first photocatalytic self-disinfecting surface. Its self-disinfecting property is provided by the unique double-defense line constituted by Nano-Silver and Nano-TiO2 particles. This product is targeted towards the health sector, aiding in preventing the spread of infection in hospitals.

The Cozy Floor by Blue Diamond Industries, LLC is a self supported, self cleaning hot water heated floor system, designed to eliminate the use of bedding under calves.

The SunWash self-cleaning floor coatings provide a washable finish and are developed to withstand the high traffic and humid conditions such as those present in food processing facilities.

Mechline Developments’ Sani-Floor consists of a suction pump and automatic waste lifting. The system can be installed in any food production area to take care of spills hygienically and safely.

Many public toilets, such as the Sanisette, have self-cleaning floor mechanism.

The Smart-Floor is a concept designed by the student Svetozar Belogrozdev of Swansea Metropolitan University. It is a hygienic self-cleaning floor solution that prevents dust and dirt from settling. Regulated vacuums cycles through the floor 24 hours a day and intelligent pressure sensors detect if there is anything in the room and automatically regulate the vacuum going through the tiles. It was one of the six UK designs that made the top 100 designs in Electrolux Design Lab 2013.

The Electrolux Mab is a theoretical floor cleaner that can unleash a swarm of 908 airborne “mini-robots” that scout the home from above and then drop down to spot clean dirty surfaces. This concept is the winner of Electrolux's Design Lab 2013 contest and is currently purely theoretical.

Another approach involves the use of central vacuum systems beneath micro perforated raised floor tiles to allow a small negative pressure to be pulled so that all dust and dirt are automatically collected.



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