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The term Sanpitsu (三筆) or "three brushes" is used in Japanese to refer to a group of three famous Heian period calligraphers:

Later groups of calligraphers were named in imitation of the original Sanpitsu.

Named for the Kan'ei period in which they flourished:

Zen Chinese calligraphers who worked in Japan.

  • Ichikawa Beian (市河米庵) 1779-1858
  • Nukina Sūō (貫名菘翁) 1778-1863
  • Maki Ryōko (巻菱湖) 1777-1843
  • Nakabayashi Gochiku (中林梧竹) 1827-1913
  • Kusakabe Meikaku (日下部鳴鶴) 1838-1922
  • Iwaya Ichiroku (巌谷一六) 1834-1905
  • Hibino Gohō (日比野五鳳) 1901-1985
  • Teshima Yūkei (手島右卿) 1901-1987
  • Nishikawa Yasushi (西川寧) 1902-1989
  • Sanseki, a similar group of renowned calligraphers
  • 神田喜一郎,「三筆について」(書道全集 第11巻)(Heibonsha, 1965)


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