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Brand logo of SalesGossip in PNG format, Jul 2015 .PNG
Type of site
Fashion, Retail
Launched August 2011

SalesGossip is a UK based website and mobile app that offers access to sale and promotional updates aggregated from over 1,300 fashion and beauty retailers. The website focuses on editorial content about fashion, beauty and shopping. Registered members receive personalised email alerts whenever their favourite designer or high-street brands have a promotion, allowing them priority access to sale products.

SalesGossip started as a beta site developed by Elizabetta Camilleri and Emilio Sanz in 2011, as part of the London Business School Incubator Programme/. During the first year, the company focused on alerting consumers of specific fashion and beauty sales and events. In 2012, the company decided to expand its services to include personalised retailer alerts and location-based services enabling users to locate offers near them utilising GPS technology on mobile phones and tablet devices.

The digital service aims to drive consumers to brick and mortar stores and e-commerce retailer websites by targeting promotions to specific segments of customers. SalesGossip’s clients include House of Fraser, Net-a-Porter, Belstaff, Debenhams, The Body Shop, New Look and Nike. As of June 2015, SalesGossip had 1 million registered members and reported month on month growth of 20%.

In August 2012, SalesGossip closed its £250,000 seed funding from Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). The first round of financing was funded by angel investors Andrew Grahame of Mr & Mrs Smith, Colin Rushmere, Russell Buckley, Stephen Bullock and Dale Murray.



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