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Salem's Lot (2004 miniseries)

Salem's Lot
Based on 'Salem's Lot
by Stephen King
Screenplay by Peter Filardi
Directed by Mikael Salomon
Starring Rob Lowe
Andre Braugher
Donald Sutherland
Samantha Mathis
Rutger Hauer
James Cromwell
Robert Mammone
Dan Byrd
Theme music composer Christopher Gordon
Lisa Gerrard
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 2
Producer(s) Jeffrey M. Hayes
Brett Popplewell
Marc van Buuren
Mark Wolper
Running time 181 minutes
Original network TNT
Original release June 20 (2004-06-20) – June 21, 2004 (2004-06-21)

Salem's Lot is a 2004 American two-part television mini-series which first aired on TNT on June 20 & 21, 2004. It is the second television adaptation of Stephen King's 1975 vampire novel of the same name (the first version was made in 1979).

Although the novel and original miniseries were both set in the 1970s, this version updates the story to take place in the 2000s. The story is still set in a small Maine town, but the mini-series was actually shot on location at Creswick and Woodend, in Central Victoria, Australia.

The story opens with Ben Mears attacking the priest Donald Callahan in a homeless shelter in Detroit. They fall together from a high window into the street. In the hospital, Ben tells his story and the reasons behind his fight with the priest to an orderly.

Ben, a successful writer, returns to his hometown, Jerusalem's Lot (also known as 'Salem's Lot), intending to write a novel while he deals with the demons of his past. He tells Susan Norton (a waitress and former art student whom he has befriended), that when he was a child in the town he accepted a dare to enter the house of Hubie Marsten. Local legend said that there was something evil about the house and its owner, suggesting that he murdered children. The night he went into the house, Ben overheard Marsten begging for his life before seemingly committing suicide. Ben believes that he also heard Marsten's last victim crying for help, but Ben was too afraid to find or help him. Now Ben planned to rent the house to bring catharsis to himself and to gather material for his novel, but he discovers that it has recently been sold by Larry Crockett to a pair of antique dealers, Richard Straker and Kurt Barlow.

Shortly thereafter, the dark secrets of the town's residents begin to emerge, and evil spreads through Salem's Lot. Crockett is an immoral businessman who is sexually abusing his teenage daughter Ruth. When Ruth spends time with a disabled garbageman named Dud Rodgers, Crockett fires him. Eva Prunier, proprietor of the boarding house where Ben stays, played evil games with Hubie Marsten when she and her peers were teenagers. Charlie Rhodes, cruelty-obsessed Vietnam veteran and school bus driver, bullies and torments the children he transports. Trailer park residents Roy and Sandy McDougall physically abuse their baby and then blackmail Dr. Jimmy Cody after he has an affair with Sandy.



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