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Pet tattoo

The act of tattooing a pet is a relatively new phenomena, and is popular in parts of Russia and Asia.Wim Delvoye is a prominent pig tattoo artist who is originally from Belgium, but relocated to China to avoid the EU's animal rights laws. Delvoye puts pigs under light sedation during the tattoo process. Afterwards, the pigs are regularly fed, cared for, and allowed a “free range” type of lifestyle at Delvoye's Chinese farm. Delvoye tattoos pigs with a wide range of motifs from decorative to commercial (such as Louis Vuitton logos). After the pigs have passed on, their distinctive hides are removed, prepared, displayed and occasionally sold to collectors.

Tattooed fish are popular gifts in China and Vietnam because they're said to bring good luck to the recipient. Tattooed fish have an increased likelihood of skin diseases and a much shorter lifespan.

Dog tattoo identification serves as a permanent and visible way to identifying the pet if it is lost or stolen.



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