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Pet first aid

First aid is typically described as "Emergency treatment administered to an injured or sick person before professional medical care is available.

Although usually referring to humans, the definition is still valid when it comes to pets. Much of the First Aid that is administered is similar, however distinct differences come into play, specifically when referring to their anatomy, and their inability to communicate with humans what is wrong.

Significant Pet First Aid theory can be learned through reliable internet sources, however it is stressed that this is to be used as a learning resource only, whereas in an emergency, a pet owner should not simply go online.

Comprehensive websites with qualified Veterinarian writers are available to discuss the symptoms and treatments of certain conditions, in addition to recommending whether First Aid treatment will be sufficient or a Veterinary visit will be necessary.

Over the last decade, Pet first aid courses have been made available to pet owners and people who work with pets. Many pet related businesses that involve looking after pets require staff to be trained in pet first aid.

Organizations such as PetProHero (ProTrainings), Canadian Associates of Pet Care Providers, Dogsafe Canine First Aid, Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid, as well as St. John Ambulance in Canada and American Red Cross offer courses, certification for Pet Care Professionals and reference guides in pet first aid.

April is considered National Pet First Aid Awareness Month, which stresses the importance of Pet First Aid in the well-being of pets.

Pet first aid courses are designed to equip pet owners with the information and skills needed to assess the situation, administer the appropriate care, or stabilize an injured pet until qualified veterinary care can be obtained. Courses typically include preventive care (avoiding illness and injuries). Students usually learn the importance of immediate medical attention following an injury, how to properly restrain and transport an injured animal, and the following:

Attending a course in person, typically allow for more hands-on learning (such as practice bandaging, often on live pets) to be included, however distance learning courses and shorter duration lecture classes are also available.



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