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Mondialogo Engineering Award

The Mondialogo Engineering Award was established by Daimler and UNESCO to encourage cooperation and dialogue between engineering people from different countries and cultures, working together across continents on a joint project activity. The award invites student engineers from universities around the world to apply for Award. It was supported by the World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO), who promoted it to its national members and took part in the judging panel. The scheme has closed with Daimler and UNESCO ending their partnership in 2010. It is not clear if an alternative sponsor or scheme will be created.

The first round of the competition 2005 ended with a symposium in Berlin while the second round in 2007 ended in Mumbai. In its first round, the Mondialogo Engineering Award brought over 1,700 young engineers from 79 countries together to work on engineering solutions tackling poverty and promoting sustainable development in all regions of the world. While in the second round 3200 students from 89 countries participated.

The Mondialogo Engineering Award invited engineering students in developing and developed countries to form international teams to create project proposals that address the United Nations Millennium Development to 1) eradicate extreme poverty and hunger; 2) achieve universal primary education; 3) promote gender equality and empower women; 4) reduce child mortality; 5) improve maternal health; 6) combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases; 7) ensure environmental sustainability; and 8) develop global partnerships for development. Mondialogo encourages proposals that will improve the quality of life in the developing world, particularly poverty eradication and the promotion of sustainable development.



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