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Migration studies

Migration studies is the academic study of human migration. Migration Studies is an interdisciplinary field which includes anthropology, history, economics, law, sociology and postcolonial studies. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies is a leading journal in the field, covering modern human migration. As a rapidly growing field, numerous journals are dedicated to this field of study. In February 2013, Oxford University Press launched Migration Studies, an international refereed journal dedicated to advancing scholarly understanding of the determinants, processes and outcomes of human migration in all its manifestations. The first issue came out in March and the second one in June 2013.

In epidemiology an "immigration study" is a method of understanding the relative importance of inherited genetics and environmental factor in medical conditions whose incidence varies around the world. It examines the incidence in populations of people who have moved (or whose recent ancestors have moved) between places with different rates. Often the immigrant population can be shown to have similar rates to the population of the new location, suggesting that environmental factors such as diet, obesity and exercise are the dominant determinant.



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