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Matinée (disco)

In Argentina and other South American countries, a matinée is the schedule established by a discothèque open to the public teens (usually between 14 and 18) before midnight. It was introduced in the 1990s, because young people cannot go to many bars and clubs because they had trouble with the law by allowing entry to minors.

The ages range between 13 (usually 14) and 18. The official schedule established by the Government of Argentina is from 8pm to midnight or, in some provinces, until 11:30. In the matinees, no alcohol or smoking is allowed. However, tobacco use is widespread. Young people often, despite the matinees' no-alocohol policy, drink alcohol at a friend's house or in a nearby park before heading to the Matinee. Young people in Argentina call this the pre-boliche ("before the club").



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