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Macron (sportswear)

Macron S.p.A.
Industry Clothing
Founded 1971 (1971)
Headquarters Crespellano, Bologna, Italy
Key people
  • Francesco Bormioli
  • —President
  • Gianluca Pavanello
  • —CEO
Revenue Increase 79mln€ (31/12/2015)
Number of employees

Macron S.p.A. is an Italian sporting apparel company, based in Crespellano, Bologna.

Macron operates in three main business areas:

Macron was founded in 1971 as a distributor of American sportswear brands in Italy. A major expansion of the organization took place in 1994, coincident with relocation and consolidation to Crespellano.

Macron began providing teamwear to professional football in 2001, its first contract being with Bologna. Expansion beyond the domestic Italian market began in 2005.

In 2014, Macron secured a four-year agreement with Bolton Wanderers for naming rights to their home stadium, resulting in renaming in July 2014 to Macron Stadium. Macron supplanted Reebok as the stadium namesake, and will provide the club's kit.

As of 2014, Macron's chief executive officer (CEO) was Gianluca Pavanello. As of 2014, the company's president was Francesco Bromioli.

Macron sponsors or co-sponsors a variety of organizations, teams and events. In many cases, the wording of published accounts does not make a clear demarcation between a case where a team has purchased kit (aka uniforms or strip) versus those whose kit has been provided as a matter of sponsorship. Following is a partial list of these sponsorship/customer relationships.

For other uses, see Macron (disambiguation)-.
  • Francesco Bormioli
  • —President
  • Gianluca Pavanello
  • —CEO


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