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London Women's Clinic

The London Women's Clinic is a Private healthcare centre situated in London's Harley Street. Owned by Dr Kamal Ahuja, and founded in 1992, the centre has a reputation for helping single women and lesbian couples conceive. The clinic is closely associated with the London Sperm Bank and the London Egg Bank.

Dr Kamal Ahuja is the company Director and HFEA Licence Holder for the London Women's Clinic In the 1990s Dr Kamal Ahuja, who was a former research student of IVF physiologist Robert Edwards, pioneered egg sharing at the London Women's Clinic.

The LWC Foundation was founded in 2010 and provides grants to individuals and educational establishments in support of scientific research in reproductive medicine. The Centre for Family Research at the University of Cambridge and Swansea University were the first two establishments to be chosen as grant recipients, both of whose areas of research are closely associated with the LWC.

In addition the LWC Foundation has also made a grant to an exceptional charity called Vidya that runs educational establishments for underprivileged children in New Delhi.

Grant applications to the foundation are considered by a board of Trustees, which comprises Dr Kamal Ahuja, the LWC's Scientific and Managing Director, Dr Shailaja Nair, Deputy Clinical Director working in IVF at the LWC, and Mimi Arian-Schad Nurse Manager at the LWC London.

In addition to the Harley Street location, London Women's Clinic has centres in Wales, the North East, Luton, Stevenage, Kent, Cambridge, Essex and Bristol.

Each location offers consultation and advice, while the clinics in Wales, the North East and London are also able to perform more detailed exams and procedures and laboratory analysis.



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