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List of world youth bests in athletics

World youth bests in the sport of athletics are the best marks set in competition by athletes aged 17 or younger throughout the entire calendar year of the performance. The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) maintains an official list for such performances, but only in a specific list of outdoor events. All other records, including all indoor records, shown on this list are tracked by statisticians not officially sanctioned by the world governing body.

Key:   Awaiting approval   "Best" not kept by IAAF

Key:   Awaiting approval   "Best" not kept by IAAF

The IAAF does not keep official "bests" in indoor events for the Youth division.

* = without wind measurement
ht = hand timing
OT = oversized track (> 200m in circumference)

1. ^ Though sometimes called "world youth records", they are not officially recognized or ratified as such by any body. The IAAF refers to them as World Youth Bests (WYB) or World Youth Best Performances instead.


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