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List of comedy and variety television programs with LGBT cast members

The following is a sortable listing of comedy and variety television programs which include LGBT cast members.

Biggins played Lukewarm, a prison inmate with a longterm partner

Year Title Network Actor Notes
1968–1973 Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In NBC Lily Tomlin (1969–1973)
1974-1977 Porridge BBC Christopher Biggins (1969–1973)

Biggins played Lukewarm, a prison inmate with a longterm partner

1975– Saturday Night Live NBC Terry Sweeney (1985–1986)
Danitra Vance (1985–1986)
Kate McKinnon (2012–present)
Sweeney was the first SNL cast member to be openly gay during his tenure on the series.
1976–1977 Brady Bunch HourThe Brady Bunch Hour ABC Robert Reed
1978-1981 The Kenny Everett Video Show Thames Television Kenny Everett
1981-1987 The Kenny Everett Television Show BBC Kenny Everett
1985-1986 The S and M Comic Book CBC Tommy Sexton
Greg Malone
1987-1992 CODCO CBC Tommy Sexton
Greg Malone
All five members of the troupe, gay or not, cross-dressed to play opposite-gender roles; Malone and Sexton were known for their impersonations of celebrity women such as Queen Elizabeth, Barbara Walters and Barbara Frum. Their other recurring characters included Jerome and Duncan, a flamboyant pair of gay lawyers.
1988-1995 The Kids in the Hall CBC
Scott Thompson Troupe member Scott Thompson is openly gay and discusses this in monologues as himself and as his character Buddy Cole; the show also features many other sketches with gay themes, notably "Steps," a series of sketches about three gay friends hanging out.
1993 Out There Comedy Central Lea DeLaria
Mark Davis
David Drake
Melissa Etheridge
Steve Moore
Marga Gomez
Ian McKellen
Kathy Najimy
Suzanne Westenhoefer
Bob Smith
Pomo Afro Homos
American television's first-ever all-LGBT comedy special, broadcast in conjunction with National Coming Out Day.
1993–present This Hour Has 22 Minutes CBC Rick Mercer
Gavin Crawford
1994 Out There 2 Comedy Central Amanda Bearse
John McGivern
Kate Clinton
Mark Davis
Lea DeLaria
Elvira Kurt
Frank Maya
Scott Silverman
Sequel to the 1993 Out There.
1998 In Through the Out Door Showtime Jaffe Cohen
Elvira Kurt
Lea Delaria
Bob Smith
Suzanne Westenhoefer
Sketch comedy special.
1998 We're Funny That Way! Bravo Canada, OUTtv Steve Moore
Christopher Peterson
Scott Capurro
Maggie Cassella
Kate Clinton
Jaffe Cohen
Lea DeLaria
Elvira Kurt
Bob Smith
John McGivern
The Nellie Olesons
Kate Rigg
Dina Martina
Trevor Boris
Documentary special (1998) and series (2007) about the We're Funny That Way! comedy festival in Toronto, featuring both interviews and stand-up comedy performances.
2000-2003 The Gavin Crawford Show The Comedy Network Gavin Crawford
2001 This Sitcom Is...Not to Be Repeated The Comedy Network Ed Sahely
Jonathan Wilson
2004 Out on the Edge Comedy Central Alan Cumming (host) Comedy/variety special featuring gmay and lesbian comedians and musicians.
2004–present Rick Mercer Report CBC Rick Mercer
2005–2009 House of Venus ShowThe House of Venus Show OUTtv
Pink TV
Mark Kenneth Woods
Michael Venus
Dickey Doo
Gay-themed sketch comedy show.
2005–2007 Wisecrack Logo Page Hurwitz
Alec Mapa
Judy Gold
Miss Coco Peru
Vickie Shaw
Doug Holsclaw
Stand-up comedy series featuring LGBT comics.
2006 I've Got a Secret GSN Billy Bean
Frank DeCaro
Jermaine Taylor
Suzanne Westenhoefer
Revival of the classic game show with, coincidentally or not, an all-gay panel.
2007–2010 Big Gay Sketch ShowThe Big Gay Sketch Show Logo Julie Goldman (Season 1–3)
Stephen Guarino (Seasons 1–3)
Colman Domingo (Seasons 2–3)
Jonny McGovern (Seasons 1–3)
Kate McKinnon (Seasons 1–3)
Michael Serrato (Season 1)
Paolo Andino (Seasons 2–3)
Nicol Paone (Seasons 1–3)
Gay-themed comedy sketch show produced by Rosie O'Donnell and directed by Amanda Bearse.
2009–2010 Jeffery & Cole Casserole Logo Jeffery Self
Cole Escola
Sketch comedy series that originated in a series of YouTube videos.
2012– She's Living for This here! Sherry Vine



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