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Lesa Carlson

Lesa Carlson
Genres Alternative
Occupation(s) singer-songerwriter, actress, raw foods chef
Years active 2000 - Present
Labels Strange Fruit Records
Associated acts Lesa Carlson Off Blue
Members Lesa Carlson

While Lesa Carlson's primary passion is music, she is also an actress, raw foods chef, choreographer, and a former Miss Idaho in the America's Miss Pageant. Her background includes three years of opera training, awards bestowed in both New York City and Los Angeles, and performances with members of the Turkish National Symphony.

"Blue mod" singer Lesa Carlson founded and creatively directed Lesa Carlson Off Blue, a critically acclaimed jazz ensemble fusing old-school jazz, turntablism, and multimedia. Weaving turntablism with improvised jazz vocals and grooves, Carlson combines seemingly disparate forms in her music. Lesa has performed at the House of Blues, the Hotel Niko, the Three of Clubs, 02 (Woody Harrelson's restaurant), and the premier party for Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy's feature film Bowfinger. She also held artist residencies at The Knitting Factory, Atlas and Louis XIV. Over the years she has played with Soko Richardson, Kenny Moore, Jack Sheldon, and Linda Hopkins. Lesa is currently working in the studio with producers Chris Gubisch and grammy nominated Bruce Sugar. Recently recorded singles include "Laissez-Faire" and "Robert Johnson Motherfucker."

Evolution Into the Conscious Revolution is a fully improvised jazz album weaving bassist Miles Mosley and drummer Robert Perkins together with Lesa Carlson's vocal abstractions throughout the album. "Carlson belts like the love child of Jim Morrison and Grace Slick, a chanteuse-turned-shaman, twisting familiar standards like "Brother Can You Spare a Dime" into beat-poet meditations and crooning hypnotic originals like "Lessons of the Leaves" like she's summoning up some old pagan earth god for a little jam session." (add citation here) Add turntablist effects featuring Martin Luther King samples, a trumpet, and a flute, and you've got Evolution Into the Conscious Revolution.



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