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Language Generation Center

Language Generation Center
مركز جيل اللغات
Language Generation Center.jpg
Location Amman, Jordan
Address Amman – Queen Rania Al Abdullah Street – Next to Al Essra Hospital – 285 Mufeed Abu Sheikha Complex – 3rd Floor – Offices 307-311 Phone number : 0096265330665, 00962795124448

Language Generation Center is a multilingual institute, located in the capital of Jordan.

The center was established in Dec 2012 for the purposes of teaching different languages. LGC offers multiple languages such as: German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, Greek, Bulgarian, English and Turkish for kids,youth and adults. LGC offers Arabic for Non-Native Speakers.

LGC offers the ability to interact with multinational students from all cultures. It also provides All language levels for the students. The center also meets the demands of foreigners wishing to learn Arabic.

All instructors are qualified and especially the senior instructors have a long experience in the methods of teaching. The courses are filled with rich content around every aspect of language and therefore students can savor the competence of the teachers, who are friendly and highly motivated to mediate the language they are teaching.

LGC offers two types of programs: the preferred group program and the solo-program. The group programs include all language levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), from beginners to advanced levels, children’s classes and conversation clubs, covering all main language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

1. The group program is offered throughout the year. The group program has two types; a one and a half month program which is extensive and a one-month intensive program. Elementary, intermediate and advanced classes are opened in each month to meet the demands of the students. LGC can provide its students with a placement test for all levels to prize their knowledge about the Language. LGC can also conduct specialized courses in the German language in the fields of Business, Medicine, Diplomacy, Media, Engineering and other fields.

2. The Solo-program which consists of classes for students with a difficult time-table and can not meet the normal group schedules. The solo-program is also concerned about specialized courses such as Business, Medicine, Diplomacy, Media, Engineering and other fields. The solo-program has a very flexible time-table and a student can take as many hours as he/she wishes and for the duration he/she needs.

As for the Arabic language LGC offers two types of programs: the group and the solo program. Regarding the group programs: LGC has developed modern teaching methods based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). MSA (Modern Standard Arabic), Media Arabic, or Colloquial Arabic are provided in the center and all instructors are qualified and experienced and have been recommended by many students who shared a very pleasant and educational experience at LGC.



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