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Johnny "Drama" Chase

Johnny Chase
Entourage character
Portrayed by Kevin Dillon
Aliases Johnny Drama
Occupation Actor
Significant other(s) Jacqueline (Ex-girlfriend)
Relatives Vincent Chase (brother), Rita Chase (mother)

Jonathan "Drama" Chase is a fictional character on the comedy-drama television series Entourage. He is played by Kevin Dillon. He is often addressed by other characters as Johnny Drama or Drama, but it is not made clear whether this is just a nickname or whether he actually has used the name Johnny Drama as a stage name.

The character is based on Mark Wahlberg's cousin, Johnny "Drama" Alves.

Drama is the older half-brother of popular actor Vincent Chase. Drama has been a C-list actor for most of his career, best known for his starring role as Tarvold in a cult television series, Viking Quest. Later in Entourage, he is cast in another series, Five Towns, which scores 16 million viewers on its premiere. He left the hit show after a run in with a TV executive. Not long after, he was given a holding deal by the network for his own show.

In the first season of Entourage, Drama has not had a serious acting gig for three years. Instead, he is Vincent's chef and fitness consultant, often watching out for his brother and making sure he eats right. His personality is alternately macho and warm-hearted, pompous and insecure. His acting range is limited by a wooden style, but he constantly brings up bit roles he has played over the years in such movies and television shows as Barbershop, Melrose Place,Nash Bridges, The Commish, A Different World, Pacific Blue, Full House, 21 Jump Street, Beverly Hills, 90210, and Star Trek: Voyager as well as a national television commercial for herpes drug Valtrex, and tries to give acting and general Hollywood-related advice to his brother. For example, he helped Vince decide which agency to sign with based on a point system after Vince was thinking about firing Ari. He starred as Tarvold in the fictional science fiction series Viking Quest, which spawned his catchphrase "Victory!". In the episode "Drive", Drama reveals he is a Razzie Award winner. He also revealed that he's directed a couple of short films in the episode "Welcome to the Jungle", after overhearing a conversation where Eric threatens to fire Billy Walsh from the production of Medellin.

Year Title Role Notes
  - Miami Vice Cocaine Informant guest star
  - The New New Love Boat Merrill Stubing pilot never aired
1987 Barfly Extra uncredited; 3 days' work
1988 License to Drive Unknown
1988 227 Building Inspector guest star
1989 A Different World Drunk Frat Guy guest star
1989 Booker Dead Body guest star
1990 Cop Rock Singing Felon guest star
1991 L.A. Law Mute Clerk guest star
1991 Beverly Hills, 90210 Eddie guest star; Donna's stalker
1991 Point Break Stoned Surfer #5 uncredited
1993 NYPD Blue Dead Body guest star; Kevin Dillon actually guest-starred in three episodes of NYPD Blue as a police officer.
1993 Melrose Place lead guest star
1993 Amongst Friends Kid in Trunk
1994 The Crow small part
1994 Full House Uncle Jesse's Tough-Guy Nephew guest star
1994 The Commish Bulimic Pedophile guest star
1994 227 guest star
1994 Concrete Heat starred with Andrew Dice Clay. Cancelled after one week
1994–1995 My So-Called Life guest star; Drama mentions a stunt in which he falls down a flight of stairs
1995 Cornelius and Son recurring guest star
1995 Last One Left Taxi Driver guest part
1996 Beautiful Girls stand-in Fired for fighting with Matt Dillon
1997 Pacific Blue Officer Ross Harper recurring guest star
1997 Viking Quest Tarvold Drama's first lead role; co-starred with Vanessa Angel
1998 Kissing a Fool Cubs Fan
1998 Star Trek: Voyager Klingon guest star
1999 Nash Bridges Retarded Brother guest star, "Season 3, Episode 7"
2001 7th Heaven High School Swimmer With Alopecia
2002 Barbershop Customer uncredited; scenes cut from film
2003 The Practice Law Clerk guest star
2004 Law & Order: SVU Dead Body guest star
2004 Crossing Jordan Bank Robber guest star
2004 Head On Thug appears with his half-brother Vince
2004 Jimmy Kimmel Live! Himself surprise appearance on the show with Vince
2005 Queens Boulevard Bookie small bit-part with Vince; Scenes initially cut from film but inserted back in by director Billy Walsh
2005 Chinese energy drink television commercial Unnamed role cameo with Vince
2005 Celebrity Justice Himself Appeared on the show after being arrested for destroying a stranger's windshield with Eric's golf club after an altercation on the interstate
2006 Gotcha! Himself target of a prank involving Chuck Liddell, in the pilot episode of Paulie Shore's celebrity hidden camera show (a la Punk'd).
2006–2009 Five Towns Quinn Drama's second-ever lead role. About five Irish brothers who "run" the five towns of Long Island. Produced by Edward Burns, who also directed the pilot. Has shot at least 87 episodes. Currently airing on NBC. Left the show during season four.
2007 Rush Hour 3 French Bus Driver Scenes cut from film
2007 Medellin Colombian Soldier cameo; appears alongside Vince
2008 Corso (TV series about the life of ESPN analyst Lee Corso Kirk Herbstreit's brother Tim minor role
2008 The View Himself The cast of Five Towns made an appearance as special guests on the show.
2011 Johnny's Bananas Johnny Lead Role (Voice). Co-starred with Andrew Dice Clay. Cancelled after one season.
2011 Tvmovie Human Lead Role in Billy Walsh's Tv movie aired in CBS.
2012 Hyde Human Won Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor
2012 TMZ Himself Mr. Skin for Best Masturbation Scene

  • Drama had a relationship with a girl named Stacy LaRosa. Apparently Drama ended their relationship prior to Valentines Day so he would not have to buy her a present.
  • Drama had anal sex with a girl named Jess Mancini during high school, and he made her ride her bike home afterwards.
  • Drama was married at one time, for nine days. The marriage was annulled.
  • Drama wanted to dump Rhona Davies, who knew about it and moved to Australia. Drama had to wait two years before he could tell her they were through.
  • In the first season, Drama had a fling with a muscular woman. He ended this relationship because she was too tough for him and he felt emasculated.
  • In the second season, Drama had a relationship with Vanessa Angel. It is unclear how long the relationship lasted.
  • In the second season, Drama had a devil's threesome with Turtle and Cassie, the boys' driver at the Sundance Film Festival in the episode"The Sundance Kids".
  • In the third season, Drama fools around with a female dog owner in the episode "Dog Day Afternoon". The relationship didn’t last because of Turtle, so Drama was unable to see the girl in the future.
  • In the third season, Ken, Drama's personal masseuse in Las Vegas, prepares himself to have sex with Drama, after he mistakes Drama's intention when he calls him to his room for giving a massage in the middle of the night.
  • In the fourth season, in the episode "Malibooty", Drama rekindles a romance with a '90s party girl Donna Deveny, and brings Turtle along as his wingman.
  • In the fourth season, Drama has sex with a woman while both are dressed in animal costume. The woman makes squirrel-like sounds and gestures, while Drama wears a pink rabbit suit and head, simply going along with it so he could have sex. This episode covered somewhat in depth the "Furry" lifestyle of being attracted to costumes and stuffed animals/fluffy animal type suits.
  • In the fourth season, Drama found a new girlfriend, Jacqueline, at the Cannes Festival and had sex with her on the beach. Later on in the fifth season, Jacqueline ends her romantic relationship with Drama due to his obsession with her.
  • In the sixth season, Drama has sex with a girl named Kelly that works at a clothing store. She apparently had sex with Seth Rogen when she was drunk.
  • In the sixth season, Drama had sex with a girl named Tara, three months before Eric had sex with her. Tara was on a short list of suspected women who may have given Drama a sexually transmitted disease.


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