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International Union of Nutritional Sciences

International Union of Nutritional Sciences
Abbreviation IUNS
Formation 1948
  • Vienna, Austria
Region served
Official language
Anna Lartey, Ghana
Parent organization
International Council for Science
Website IUNS Official website

The International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS) is an international non-governmental organization established in 1948 to devote the advancement of nutrition. Since its 1948 foundation, the membership has grown to include 82 national adhering bodies and 16 affiliations.

The Council consists of 5 Officers, the President, President-Elect, Vice-President, Secretary-General, Treasurer, Immediate Past-President, and six Council members. IUNS's current council consists of the following: - President: Anna Lartey Ghana; - Vice President: V. Prakash India; - President Elect: Alfredo Martinez Hernandez Spain; - Secretary General: Catherine Geissler UK; - Treasurer: Helmut Heseker Germany; - Member: Lynette Neufeld Canada; - Member: S. K. Roy Bangladesh; - Member: Godwin D. Ndossi Tanzania; - Member: Andrew Prentice UK; - Member: Teruo Miyazawa Japan; - Member: Reynaldo Martorell United States - Immediate Past-President: Ibrahim Elmadfa Austria; - Immediate Past Secretary General: Rekia Belahsen Morocco;

IUNS is registered in Vienna, Austria.

IUNS; The Nutrition Society; 10 Cambridge Court; 210 Shepherds Bush Road; London; UK; W6 7NJ

  • Vienna, Austria


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