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The Hostmaster Pattern was manufactured by New Martinsville Glass Company (which later became Viking Glass Company) during the 1930s. Though the line was extensive, New Martinsville Hostmaster Pattern is one of the lesser known patterns of Elegant Glass. There are no reproductions as the mold was melted down to make the Raindrops pattern (line #14).

The New Martinsville Glass Company opened in 1901 in New Martinsville, West Virginia. They were renowned for the use of color in their glassware. They promoted liquor sets even through Prohibition. The company was renamed Viking Glass in 1944.

Colors for the Hostmaster pattern included Cobalt, Amethyst, Ruby, Amber, Evergreen (dark green), Crystal, and Pink.

Many of the pieces in this pattern are made from a 3 or 4 part mold. All pieces have been fire-polished after being pressed. The surface of the pieces are smooth and glossy. They have few air bubbles and when held up to the light, there are not many ripples or irregularities. The bases of the tumblers and plates have been hand ground down allowing them to lay flat. The creamer, sugars, tea cup, decanter, and ice bucket do not have a ground base.

Repeal: this pattern was released in 1933 to celebrate the repeal of prohibition. The release in included a decanter and other pieces of bar-ware.An advertisement has been found with the title "Repeal Set" over a liquor set, but it is doubtful that this was intended to be a name for the pattern.
Pattern #38: This is the company manufacturer number.

Tea Cups

Tea Cup - Cobalt

Tea Cup Bottom - Cobalt

Tea Cup Side - Cobalt

Tea Cup - Red


Large Serving Platter - Cobalt

Platter Back - Cobalt

Plate - Cobalt

Plate Bottom - Cobalt

Plate Side - Cobalt

Saucer Bottom - Cobalt

Saucer Side - Cobalt


Water Glass, Wine Glass, Sherbet


Tumblers in 8oz, 6oz, 4oz, 2oz

7 OZ Tumbler - Cobalt

7 OZ Tumbler - Amber

7 OZ Tumbler - Red

Cream & Sugar

Cream and Sugar - Cobalt

Sugar as viewed from below - Cobalt

Sugar - Amethyst

Sugar Bottom - Cobalt

Sugar Top - Cobalt


Flared Bowl - Amber


Decanter - Red

  • Bitters Bottle
  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Creamer
  • Cup & Saucer
  • Decanter (12½”)
  • Flared Bowl (12”)
  • Flat Tumbler (9 Oz / 4½”)
  • Footed Tumbler
  • Highball Glass (10 OZ)
  • Ice Bucket (3½”)
  • Jigger
  • Luncheon Plate (8½”)
  • Old Fashioned (7 OZ)
  • Pitcher
  • Platter
  • Pretzel Jar (Covered)
  • Sherbet
  • Shot Glass (2 OZ)
  • Soup Bowl
  • Sugar
  • Vase
  • Water Goblet


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