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Hoist (Transformers)

Machine Wars Hoist.
Sub-group Autobot Cars, Spy Changers
Function Maintenance, Chief Surgeon, Assistance in Medicine
Rank 4
Partner Grapple
Motto "You have to be rolling before you can be fighting."
Alternate modes Toyota Hilux Tow Truck, SUV
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Machine Wars
Transformers: Universe
English voice actor Michael Chain
Japanese voice actor Koki Kataoka
Armada Hoist toy
Sub-group Deluxe Vehicles
Function Diversionary Tactician
Partner Liftor, Refute
Motto "Strike hard, strike straight."
Alternate modes Crane truck, Backhoe
Series Transformers: Armada
Transformers: Universe
English voice actor Dale Wilson
Sub-group Deluxe Vehicles
Function Assistants in Medicine
Rank 6
Partner Ratchet
Alternate modes Ford F-350
Series Transformers
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
English voice actor Mark Ryan
Series Transformers: Timelines

Hoist is the name of several fictional characters in the Transformers franchise.

In the original Transformers toy line, Hoist (Treuil in Québec, Buffalo in Italy) is an Autobot who functions as a repairman for the team, keeping them to a tight maintenance schedule. Hoist is jovial and strong and sometimes confident, rash, brave, tough and loyal. He transforms into a green tow truck. The toy of Hoist was released in 1985 and was a remold of Trailbreaker; it included a head sensor module that could analyze different density properties, and various arm attachments: 2 missiles, two welding pieces, and an extra fist.

Unlike his sudden appearance in the television series, Hoist was given an origin in the Marvel Comics series. Four million years ago, Hoist was one of five Autobots who agreed to have their sparks transferred to crystal storage in case the Autobots needed extra troops during the mission of clearing a path for Cybertron through an asteroid belt. In 1986, the Autobots were suffering heavy casualties and the five Autobots were activated in "Rock and Roll Out" (U.S. #14). Skids and the others (except Grapple) were shown around Earth by Bumblebee, where Skids encountered music for the first time and proved unable to interact easily with humans. Despite orders not to engage with the enemy, they went on to battle Decepticons at a concert. Hoist continued to appear after this, although in a reduced capacity.

Hoist was among Grimlock's crew of Autobots that eventually left the Earth when the Ark was repaired. He was present at the proposed execution of a group of human children by Grimlock, which was really just a ploy to flush out Blaster (whom Grimlock had deemed a traitor) out of hiding.

Hoist is assumed to have died at the hands of the Underbase-powered Starscream like many Autobots in issue #50.

Hoist first appeared in episode #28, "The Master Builders". He teamed up with his friend Grapple to design a solar tower that would provide unlimited energy. However, he was denied by Optimus Prime in case the Decepticons got their hands on it. Grapple and Hoist were then approached by a surprising source — the Constructicons. They told the two Autobots they wanted to leave the Decepticons and were willing to help Grapple and Hoist build their tower to prove it. Grapple and Hoist accepted and the tower was built — just as Megatron arrived and took them prisoner. The Autobots arrived and eventually rescued the two. Prime put them to work clearing up the mess in punishment for their mistake.

A remold of Trailbreaker.
Hoist appeared in this series as a black pick-up truck; a recolor of Machine Wars Hubcap. His motto is "Proper Maintenance prevents poor performance."
Machines Wars Hoist was later repainted into Transformers: Robots In Disguise Tow-Line and Robot Masters Wrecker Hook.
A Spy Changer, seemingly a reincarnation of the Generation 1 Hoist was released in the Transformers: Universe toy line. He was a redeco of Robots In Disguise Spy Changer X-Brawn. He was one of several homages to Generation 1 released as Spy Changers. Two packaging versions of this toy existed — a Kaybee version which did not attribute the toy to Universe and was packaged in vehicle form, and a version for discount stores which did and was packaged in robot mode.
Part of the Botcon 2013 exclusive Machine Wars themed toy set. This toy is a remold of Generations Kup.
A Deluxe class toy that transforms into a crane truck.
Combines with the other McDonald's Armada Autobots.
A new form of Smokescreen that turns into a backhoe. The mold used for Armada Hoist was repainted and remolded into a Decepticon for the character of Universe Ransack. The mold first used for Armada Hoist was remolded again into Transformers: Cybertron Longrack, a homage to Beast Wars Neo Longrack. It would also be remolded into a Botcon figure, portraying a pre-Beast Wars version of Dinobot.
Armada Smokescreen was repainted blue for Universe and released as part of a "Battle in a Box". He and his Mini-Con Liftor fought against Ransack and his Mini-Con Refute.
A redeco of Transformers Longarm in the colors of Generation 1 Hoist. Available in a 2-pack called Back Road Brawl with a redeco of the Decepticon Mixmaster. He is a Toys-R-Us store exclusive.
  • Generation 1 Hoist (1985)
  • Machine Wars Hoist
  • Universe Spy Changer Hoist
  • Timelines Deluxe Hoist (2013)
  • Armada Smokescreen with Liftor (2002)
  • Armada McDonald's Smokescreen (2002)
  • Armada Hoist with Refute (2003)
  • Armada Built to Rule Smokescreen with Liftor (2003)
  • Universe Smokescreen with Liftor (2004)
  • Revenge of the Fallen Deluxe Hoist (2009)


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