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Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Television Series Drama

Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Television Series Drama
Awarded for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama
Country United States
Presented by Hollywood Foreign Press Association
First awarded March 5, 1962
Currently held by Billy Bob Thornton,
Goliath (2016)
Most awards Ed Asner, (2)
John Forsythe, (2)
Jon Hamm, (2)
Hugh Laurie, (2)
Telly Savalas, (2)
Most nominations Peter Falk, (7)
Tom Selleck, (7)
Official website

The Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Television Series Drama is an award presented annually by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). The award honors the best performance by an actor in a drama television series. It was first awarded at the 19th Golden Globe Awards on March 5, 1962 under the title Best TV Star – Male to John Charles Daly and Bob Newhart. The nominees for the award announced annually starting in 1963. In 1969, the award was presented under the new title Best TV Actor – Drama and in 1980 under its current title.

Billy Bob Thornton is the current recipient of the award for his portrayal of Billy McBride on Goliath. Ed Asner, John Forsythe, Jon Hamm, Hugh Laurie and Telly Savalas have won the most awards in this category, winning twice. Peter Falk and Tom Selleck were both nominated seven times, each for their respective roles on Columbo and Magnum, P.I..

Listed below are the winners of the award for each year, as well as the other nominees.



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