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Four corners (teaching method)

The Four Corners is one of the many co-operative teaching and learning strategies. This activity is very useful when the teacher wants to point out the fact that not all in the class have the same view-point or that there are multiple solutions to some problems.

First, the four corners of the class are labelled, either with a chart paper or a vignette. Each corner will have an opinion, written statements, etc.

Second, the teacher poses a question, or a problem to the class. The students, reflect on the question without discussion. It is an individual activity up to this stage.

Third, the teacher invites the students to take a place at a corner that suits their opinion best by announcing "Corner." Later, the students at each corner share their views with each other, either in pairs, or to the whole group gathered at that corner.

Lastly, the teacher asks the students to be ready to share their ideas, reflections, lessons, plans, and opinions with the whole class.

Four corners is a collaborative method of Teaching and learning that gives the students a platform for various cognitive and affective learnings. This strategy helps the students to think at a higher level, reflect on what they have learnt in the class, voice out opinions safely, learn to critique on various issues, evaluate certain solutions and communicate better. This strategy also enhances the responsibility of a student when making a conclusion or opinion.



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