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Draft:Polish Travel Documentaries

Polish Travel Documentaries have gained worldwide interest. Since the late 1990s, Poland is familiar with the foreign culture and interesting facts from all of the continents, due to the existence of Polish travel TV series and movies. The first person, who adapted the trend of sharing travel experiences with audience, was Tony Halik. Nowadays, Martyna Wojciechowska and Wojciech Cejrowski are the most recognizable hosts of Polish TV series.

Tony Halik (January 24, 1921 – May 23, 1998) is known as a Polish traveller and explorer, author of TV series and many documentary movies. Except of his close relations with television, he wrote 13 books and many newspapers’ articles. Halik with his wife Elżbieta Dzikowska were hosts of the series Tam gdzie pieprz rośnie, Tam gdzie rośnie wanilia, Tam, gdzie kwitną migdały, Tam, gdzie pachnie eukaliptus oraz Pieprz i wanilia (eng. Pepper and vanilla).

Pieprz i wanilia was broadcasted on TVP for over 20 years, till 1998 when Tony Halik died. It is the largest documentary series of Polish Television and has more than 300 episodes. In each episode, at the beginning, the couple present a short movie from their expedition with their comments. They discuss about the video, present obtained souvenirs and properties from all parts of the world. Sometimes they invite other travelers to their show and they reply on the received letters from the audience. Back then, charismatic hosts and huge amount of interesting information caused a great popularity among Polish who could not travel freely. Since May 2015, Pieprz i wanilia is broadcasted in TVN 24 Biznes i Świat and the host of the series is Tony Halik’s wife Elżbieta Dzikowska.

Wojciech Cejrowski (born 27 June 1964) is a Polish traveller and journalist. He is mostly recognizable as an author and host of TV series Boso przez świat (eng. Barefoot Around the World) dedicated to travelling, history and the human nature. Before realization of the show, he used to host a radio broadcasts and write books about his travel experiences.



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