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David Jubb

David Jubb is a neurobehavioral physiologist and blood formation specialist, who promotes fasting, whole brain functioning and a diet based on life food. Jubb also describes himself as a and a specialist in colloidal biology.

Jubb promotes a raw food diet further focused on foods that still have their enzymes and “life-force”, the ability to reproduce, and which are found growing in the wild. This excludes raw meat and raw legumes, bananas, dates, corn, wheat, rice, milk, eggs, cheese, bread, soy milk, tofu, oats, beets, and carrots, because they “cause mold, fungus, and yeast” to grow in the body.

Jubb claims food with life-forces have “measurable biophotonic energy”. “[Cooked food] is an error because no other life force on the whole of the earth eats cooked food except for humans. If we were meant to eat cooked food we d be born with stoves attached,” he said.

Jubb promotes a 14 Day Nutritional Fast and Liver Flush and advises clients on nutritional fasts.

He learned of the live food diet from Ann Wigmore, and became her scientific advisor.

Jubb has claimed to be a breatharian, obtaining his primary nourishment from light and air. He described "It's taken years of evolution to get to this place. I recommend someone first become a Lifefoodarian. Then move toward liquidarian, then to breatharian. Since 1995, I've basically practiced a very austere form of 'going without.'

Jubbs was a raw foodist for over a decade before the late 90’s when he says he began eating only herbal tea with honey, gaining his nutrition from "intestinal flora and friendly yeast" and his own urine. "The ancient ones wanted us to know it's no secret why death occurs, so they put eat in the middle," he said

Jubb’s breatharianism is not constant, and it involves eating very little rather than nothing. "When I have broken down over the years, what I always like to have is a piece of cheesecake," he said.

Jubb practices urine therapy, drinking his own urine a few times a day. "I absolutely live off my own urine,” he said.

Jubb promotes his view on diet and nutrition via talks, classes, books, and his public television show "The Universe Inside Our Mind". He wrote "Secrets of an Alkaline Body" and "Jubb's Cell Rejuvenation."

Designer Donna Karan followed the diet as well as other celebrities.

He ran a health food store in New York City called Jubbs' Longevity, which is no longer open.

Jubb grew up on the Furneaux Islands near Tasmania. He got his doctorate in physiology from New York University and became a raw foodist. "I used to live off potatoes and bread. I was a starchaholic," he said.



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