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Cremorne (clipper)

CREMORNE (Ship) (c112-01-17).jpg
United States
Owner: Lawrence, Giles & Co., New York
Builder: Maxson, Fish & Co., Mystic, CT
Launched: March 19th, 1863
General characteristics
Class and type: Extreme clipper
Tons burthen: 1413 tons
Length: 200 ft (61 m) LOA
Beam: 39 ft (12 m)
Depth of hold: 14 ft (4.3 m)

Cremorne was a clipper ship of Sutton and Co.'s Dispatch Line and Coleman's California Line. She sailed between New York and San Francisco.

The hull was built by Maxson, Fish & Co. in Mystic, Conn.; the owners were Lawrence, Giles & Co., New York. Her first commander was Captain Isaac D. Gates. "Her intended service was the California and East India Trade ...

"This vessel is well built, and in every respect thoroughly and heavily fastened with composition spikes, copper butt bolts, and treenails. Her keel is of white oak, also her keelsons of three thicknesses, all edge-bolted. Her frames are of white oak and white chestnut, very heavy; ceiling, white oak, beams and deck frame, white chestnut, all full kneed with hacmetac and oak knees; clamps are edge-bolted; patent windlass. Has six hooks and pointers forward, and same number aft."

"Of six westward passages to San Francisco, four were completed to New York, and one carried wheat to Liverpool. Her record run was from San Francisco to the Equator in 14 days."

"One ship carrying a locomotive, Cremorne, sailed through a hurricane in October 1865."

Cremorne left New York on Oct. 21, 1865, and arrived in San Francisco on March 9, 1866 after a voyage of 140 days, carrying Central Pacific locomotive CP 11.

"Cremorne was posted as missing in 1870." "On June 1, 1870, the Cremorne passed through the Golden Gate bound for Liverpool ... and she was never heard from again."



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