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Cobi, the mascot of the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games
Known for Official Olympic mascot
Term 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona
Successor Håkon and Kristin

Cobi was the official mascot of the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. He is a Catalan Sheepdog (northern Spain) in Cubist style inspired by the interpretations of Picasso of a masterpiece from Velázquez, Las Meninas. Cobi was designed by Javier Mariscal. The mascot was unveiled to the public in 1987. His name was derived from the Barcelona Olympic Organising Committee (COOB).

Before and during the Games, Cobi was shown in a variety of advertisements for Olympic sponsors such as Coca-Cola, Brother Industries and Danone. He even had his own anime television series, The Cobi Troupe (コビーの冒険?). He also appeared on an extensive range of souvenirs, dubbed Cobiana, which proved to be a lucrative source of income. During the Games an inflatable Cobi was tethered to the Barcelona waterfront.

Preceded by
Olympic mascot

Barcelona 1992
Succeeded by
Håkon and Kristin

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