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Church of Saint Peter the Apostle (Alcamo)

Chiesa di san Pietro Apostolo
Facciata chiesa san Pietro.jpg
The façade
Basic information
Location Alcamo, province of Trapani, Italy
Affiliation Benedictine
Rite Catholic
Municipality Alcamo
Territory Alcamo
State Italy
Province province of Trapani
Region Sicily
Patron Saint Peter the Apostle
Architectural description
Architect(s) Giovan Biagio Amico
Funded by Francesco Graffeo, a priest
Groundbreaking 1645
Completed 1649

The Church of Saint Peter the Apostle is a Catholic Church in Alcamo in the province of Trapani.

Adjoining it there is the Orfanotrofio Femminile di San Pietro.

This church is one of the oldest ones in Alcamo, as it is proved by a document dating back to 1367. Annexed to a female Orphanage in 1631, it was rebuilt during the years 1645–1649 at the expense of Francesco Graffeo, a priest, and was widened in 1742 after the design of the architect Giovanni Biagio Amico and with an elegant series of stuccoes.

The roof, fallen down owing to the 1968 Belice earthquake, was reconstructed about 20 years ago; thanks to the financing of 300 millions liras and the zeal of its president Mario Adamo, the Office of Works (Genio civile) put out on contract for the works of restoration and consolidation. Then they repaired the roofing to avoid any further damage due to bad weather.

Unfortunately the surviving decorations have been damaged by the years of exposure to atmospheric agents. The interior is not integral altogether, but now it is important that it has been safeguarded.

According to the assertion by the Benedictine Father Pietro Antonio Tornamira, in one of his works dating back to 1664, a group of Oblate Benedictine Nuns of the Third Order administrated "the House of the Young Girls of Saint Peter.

Since 1631, very proably these Nuns, besides charitable actions, devoted themselves to the education of the girls sheltered in the Orphanage, and also made some handicrafts (weaving, sewing, mending and embroidery) earning their livings from the proceeds. . Even after 1866, when the institution passed to the local municipality, they continues these activities

Today these premises are run by IPAB (Public Institution of Assistance and Charity: Opere Pie Pastore and San Pietro) and the activities connexed with hospitalty and education of poor children are carried on.

  • Saint Peter, a 17th century valuable painting, on the high altar
  • Carlo Cataldo: Guida storico-artistica dei beni culturali di Alcamo-Calatafimi-Castellammare del Golfo p. 82; Sarograf, Alcamo, 1982
  • Carlo Cataldo: La conchiglia di S.Giacomo p. 227; Campo, Alcamo, 2001


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