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Church of Saint Joseph the Worker

Chiesa di San Giuseppe Lavoratore
Chiesa di San Giuseppe Lavoratore (Alcamo).jpg
The façade
Basic information
Location Alcamo, province of Trapani, Italy
Rite Catholic
Municipality Alcamo
Territory Alcamo
State Italy
Province province of Trapani
Region Sicily
Year consecrated 1947
Patron saint Joseph
Architectural description
Architect(s) Giuseppe Russo
Architectural style modern
Founder Father Bartolomeo Palumbo
Groundbreaking 1946
Completed 1947

The Church of Saint Joseph the Worker (Alcamo) is a Catholic Church located in Alcamo, in the province of Trapani.

Thanks to the priest Bartolomeo Palumbo, it was founded in 1946 on a piece of land given by a lady and built after the plan of Giuseppe Russo, an engineer; it already became a parish in 1947.

The same year, the parson, Father Palumbo, founded the male and female Congregation of saint Joseph the Worker; every year, on the 23rd January, they celebrated the festivity of Saint Joseph’s Marriage, by taking part to the Mass, during which the married couples were blessed. Later both the congregations joined the parish Association of Azione Cattolica.

In 1949 he founded the male and female Congregations of Maria Santissima di Fatima: the scope was that of solemnizing the month of May and the feast of Our Lady of Fatima on May 13, moreover they had to take part to the Mass on the first Saturday each month. They also joined the Associations of Azione Cattolica later.

Saint Joseph the Worker is celebrated on May 1, in the district of San Ciusippuzzu. Besides religious ceremonies and the procession, there are musical and theatrical shows and bike races.

Father Palumbo was born in Alcamo on 29 August 1915 and became a priest in 1941; he soon had the office of Vicar Cooperator in the parishes of the Church of the Saints Paul and Bartholomew, Saint Francis of Paola and the Holy Souls.

On bare feet, with a cross on his hands and a great number of believers, on 30 April 1944 he went towards the quarter of Balatelle (a suburb at tha time) on the piece of land which had been donated to him by Mrs. Annunziata Macaluso, the widow of the chemist doctor Fazio, put down the cross there and, since then, every Sunday he celebrated the Holy Mass on a makeshift altar.

Until he stayed in seminary he was a great devotee of Saint Joseph: during the night he got up, kneeled and recited the rosary in honour of him, this prayer in dialect, very interesting also from the symbolical point of view:

Scura stasira agghiorna dumani

la pruvvidenza m’aviti a mannari.

  • Wooden statue of saint Joseph with the Infant Jesus in his arms made by Giuseppe Di Caro, a sculptor from Palermo, in 1952. The mantle of the saint is covered with pure gold, and their clothes with silver.
  • An Angel trumpet player and the Angel musician: both chromium-plated by Gino Patti, the surrealist painter from Alcamo, on the walls behind the high altar
  • Wooden statue of Our Lady of Fatima, right altar, realized by Giuseppe Stuflesser from Ortisei (Bolzano) in 1949
  • Statue of Christ the King, left altar, realized by Luigi Santifaller in 1954. Below it there is the sarcophagus with the mortal remains of the Reverend Father Palumbo.
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