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History of clothing

The history of clothing encompasses the clothes worn in various places at various times and the methods by which those clothes were made or acquired.

Subcategories organized by date:

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  • Clothing worn in north Africa and sub-Saharan Africa, from paleolithic to the pre-modern era
  • Clothing worn in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and the Pacific Islands, from paleolithic to the pre-modern era
  • Clothing worn in China, other parts of Asia, and the Middle East, from paleolithic to the modern era
  • clothing worn by Greek-speaking peoples settled near the Aegean Sea from 1600 BC to 330 AD (the Mycenaean, classical, Hellenistic, and Roman eras), up to the beginning of the Byzantine Empire (330 AD).
  • Clothing worn in the Byzantine empire (330 AD - 1453 AD)
  • Clothing worn in Europe from the dawn of the Middle Ages (loosely c. 350-500 AD) to the birth of modern Western fashion around 1750.
  • Folkwear or traditional dress worn in Europe from ancient times to the present day.
  • clothing worn in Western Europe, the Americas, and countries under European or American influence from c. 1750 to World War II.
  • clothing worn from c. WWII to the modern day.


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