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Centres de Recherche en Nutrition Humaine
Logo CRNHs.jpg
Formation since 1992
Purpose Human Nutrition Clinical Research
  • France
Pr Martine Laville (CRNH Rhône Alpes)

The CRNHs goal is to improve the knowledge on the function properties of food, on metabolism and on human physiology, from basic research to the study of behaviours and their impact on health. The French territory is now provided with four CRNH having common tools and complementary scientific skills that allow them to develop multi center programs using their platforms and their specific skills.

Nutritional issues are of major importance as populations around the world are considerably changing their diet and lifestyle with large health consequences. Food related-diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, malnutrition and cancers are becoming major public health issues. CRNHs is the network of French research centres for human nutrition. CRNHs has the ambition to provide scientific answers to nutrition related health issues by promoting science and accelerating technology transfer to society. CRNHs aims to improve the knowledge on the functional properties of food and particularly its effects on metabolism and on human physiology by developing multi center programs using its platforms and its specific skills. CRNHs contributes to technology transfer between hospital sectors, research laboratories and industries. CRNHs’ expertise, its platforms for clinical exploration, analysis and data processing offer significant opportunities for collaborations. CRNHs develops research programs in nutrition within the framework of national, European and international research programs, working closely with industry partners and researchers worldwide. To advise on strategic development, CRNHs has been endowed with an external scientific advisory board composed of experts from several European.

- Create a research pole of experts

- Coordinate and lead multicentric research program to improve the knowledge in human nutrition

- Create a platform between laboratories and hopitals for the translational research

- Answer to public health major issues by giving a scientific answer to the nutrition problem

Director : Pr Martine Laville (CRNH Rhône Alpes)
Co-directors : Pr Noel Cano (CRNH Auvergne), Alain Grynberg (CRNH Ile de France), Pr Michel Krempf (CRNH Ouest)

In France there is now four CRNH having common tools and complementary scientific skills. Graph CRNHs

Target tissues

Nutrition in elderly and in chronic diseases

  • France
  • Perinatal nutrition
  • Brain and enteric nervous system
  • Lipids and chronic diseases
  • Allergy


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