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Bookaboo logo.png
Bookaboo logo
Genre Children's
Created by Lucy Goodman
Written by Lucy Goodman, Alex Williams (writer)
Directed by Lucy Goodman & Ian Emes
Narrated by Various
Composer(s) Mark Dyson
Country of origin United Kingdom, Canada
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 55
Executive producer(s) Emma Tennant & Martyn Freeman
Producer(s) Lucy Goodman
Location(s) London
Cinematography Trevor Forrest (series 1), Dom Kersey (series 2)
Editor(s) Matthew Tabern
Running time 11 minutes
Production company(s) Happy Films
Sinking Ship Entertainment
Distributor FremantleMedia
Picture format 16:9 HD
Original release United Kingdom:
2 March 2009 – 4 June 2010 Canada:
11 February 2013 (2013-02-11) – present
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Bookaboo is a British children's television series produced by Lucy Goodman of Happy Films and co-directed by Ian Emes. The show features puppets, celebrities, picture books, songs and animation. Lucy Goodman created the show after researching the current global decline in parental reading in the home. Bookaboo is carefully crafted to inspire more children and grown ups to have fun sharing books together. Bookaboo is broadcast on CITV and Amazon Video in the United Kingdom, ABC2 in Australia, and Amazon Video in the United States.

"A story a day or I just can't play!" says world-famous, drum-playing rock puppy, Bookaboo as he flounces off stage. The rest of the band (Growler on Bass Guitar, Paws on Keyboards) find Bookaboo on the Bookabus, ignoring all stage calls and engaged in the most extraordinary stage avoidance schemes (comedy sketches & songs).

Despite their best efforts the band fail to persuade the rock pup back to the stadium. Luckily, a celebrity fan arrives with a picture book filled 'Bookabag' and settles down to share it. Bookaboo is mesmerised and enthralled by the story. It appears to cure his little 'problem'. As the book finishes, Bookaboo gets his rhythm (he calls it his 'Bojo') back.

With the celebrity fan cheering him on from the wings, Bookaboo delights the crowds with a stellar canine drum solo. As the episode draws to an end, an electrified stage sign behind Bookaboo lets the grown up audience know: "1000 books per episode are donated to children who need them most"

Books featured in the show are carefully selected from approximately 500 that are submitted each series by top publishers across the UK. Selection criteria are simple – books must be truly enjoyable to share aloud for both children and adults.

Producer Goodman looks for quality of writing and illustration together with variety across the books featured in the series. Funny books, silly books, slightly scary books, books that rhyme and books that challenge difficult issues. All books selected are intended to appeal to boys and girls.

Goodman also looks to offer celebrities books they will enjoy sharing and that they feel some 'fit' with, for example:

Books are available in all good book stores and stickered with Bookaboo's 'Share A Book Today' campaign sticker.

A wide variety of celebrities are invited to take part in the show to encourage grown ups from the broadest areas of society to share books with children. Celebrities have included pop stars (Melanie C., Meat Loaf, Alesha Dixon) and Grime star Lethal Bizzle. Sportsmen and women have also supported Bookaboo's campaign to get more grown ups sharing books, including former manager for England (Steve McClaren), former Deputy Prime Minister (John Prescott) and talk show host Conan O'Brien.

Book Author/Illustrator Guest Occupation Plot
The Lamb Who Came for Dinner Steve Smallman and Joelle Dreidemy Meat Loaf Actor An innocent lamb shows up at the house of a hungry wolf.
That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown Cressida Cowell and Neal Layton Sherrié Austin Actress The Silly Queen wants Emily Brown's toy rabbit whose name is not Bunnywunny, but Stanley.
Pooh! Is That You Bertie? David Roberts Rowan Atkinson Comedian Bertie keeps farting in front of his mother, father, grandma, sister, and in the cafe.
No Matter What Debi Gliori Mel C Singer Big and Small talk about their love.
The Cow That Laid An Egg Andy Cutbill and illustrated by Russel Ayto Kym Marsh Actress, currently in Coronation Street Marjorie lays an egg. The farmer tells the farmer's wife to ring the local press. The other cows say they think that Marjorie didn't lay the egg, the chickens did.
More Pants Giles Andreae and illustrated by Nick Sharratt Marc Wootton Actor A rhyming story in which a variety of people and animals show their pants.
Splat the Cat Rob Scotton Sinbad Comedian Splat nervously starts school.
A Mummy for Owen Marion Dane Bauer and illustrated by John Butler Jim Carrey Actor Owen and his family get split up by waves, will they get back together?
Norma Snows Paula Metcalf Simon Lowe Actor Norma has just been born and she starts school.
The Hairy Toe Daniel Postgate Julian Clary Comedian Old Woman finds a Hairy Toe which, she later learns, belongs to a monster.
Class Two at the Zoo Julia Jarman and illustrated by Lynne Chapman Robson Green Actor Class 2 see lots of animals at the zoo, but not the anaconda.
The Night Pirates Peter Harris and illustrated by Deborah Allwright Michael Rosen Author A Boy discovers girl pirates borrowing the front of his house and goes along for an adventure with them.
Whatever William Bee John Prescott Politician A boy is shown exciting things but always replies "...whatever".
Book Author/Illustrator Guest Occupation Plot
Burger Boy Alan Durant and Mei Matsuoka Steve McClaren Football Manager Boy turns into burger after a burger overdose.
Don't Wake The Bear, Hare! Steve Smallman and Caroline Pedler Myleene Klass Singer, Model and Actress Animals try to throw a party without waking a bear.
Wolf's Magnificent Master Plan Melanie Williamson Adam Garcia Actor and Dancer Toothless Wolf tricks lambs into helping with moneymaking scheme to get replacement teeth, allowing the wolf to eat the lambs.
A Visitor For Bear Bonny Becker and Kady Macdonald Denton Samia Smith Actress Bear doesn't allow visitors in his place, until some time after a mouse stops by.
The Wolf's Story - What Really Happened To Little Red Riding Hood Toby Forward and Izhar Cohe Hugh Dennis Actor The Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood explains the events of the classic story from how he saw it all.
Grill Pan Eddy Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross Stephen K. Amos Comedian Mouse causes trouble for family. Family try to stop him, but end up adopting him as a pet.
Mom And Dad Glue Kes Gray and Lee Wildsmith Will Smith Comedian Boy's parents are breaking up, so boy tries to get some parent glue to resolve the issue.
The Bears in the Bed & The Great Big Storm Paul Bright and Jane Chapman Tiff Needell Presenter Bears have trouble sleeping on a stormy night due to presence of what is thought to be a monster.
Dogs Don't Do Ballet Anna Kemp and Sara Oglivie Tamsin Egerton Actress Girl's pet dog is a talented ballerina, but everyone other than the girl doubts about dogs doing ballet.
The Spider and The Fly Tony DiTerlizzi Emilia Fox Actress Fly visits Spider's place, yet resists Spider's temptations, until eventually...
Kisses Are Yuk! Julia Jarman and E. Waters Sting Singer Boy expresses his disdain for kisses.
Stinky!: Or How the Beautiful Smelly Warthog Found a Friend Ian Whybrow and Lynne Chapman Carla Bruni First Lady of France Smelly Warthog has trouble making friends due to his foul odor.
Tortoise vs Hare: The Rematch Preston Rutt and Ben Redlich Conan O'Brien Comedian The Tortoise and The Hare have another race as a rematch from the one before.
Book Author/Illustrator Guest Occupation Plot
Warduff and the Corn Cob Caper Mat Head Jason Priestley Actor Farm animals are under threat of attack so a cat is called in to help
The Great Snortle Hunt Claire Freedman and Kate Hindley Adam Beach Actor Animals dare each other to infiltrate the house of a scary-sounding creature called the Snortle
Walter and the No Need to Worry Suit Rachel Bright Sheila McCarthy Actress Walter worries a lot so his friends make him a suit intended to protect him from his worries
Scruffy Bear and the Six White Mice Chris Wormell Gordon Pinsent Actor Scruffy Bear protects Six White Mice from other animals while escorting them through a forest
The Worst Princess Anna Kemp and Sara Ogilvie Kate Nash singer, actress Knight saves a princess who turns out to be badly behaved
Ping and Pong are Best Friends...Mostly Tim Hopgood James Keylon Clown Ping and Pong are friends, yet Pong is better at doing things than Ping
Good Little Wolf Nadia Shireen Dave Gorman Comedian Wolf is good and well behaved, but things go wrong when he meets a big, bad wolf
Drumheller Dinosaur Dance Robert Heidbreder, Bill Salvin and Esperance Melo Fefe Dobson Musician Dinosaur skeletons come to life at night and dance
Aliens Love Underpants Claire Freeman and Ben Cort Julie Payette Astronaut Aliens invade Earth to steal underpants from Earthlings
The Great Sheep Shenanigans Peter Bently and Mei Matsuoka Seán Cullen Comedian
Leave Me Alone Kes Gray and Lee Wildish Georges Laraque Hockey player Boy is being bullied by a giant so animals stick up for him
The Subway Mouse Barbara Reid Jian Ghomeshi Broadcaster, Writer, Musician Mouse has courage to go to a place outside the subway in which he resides
The Talent Show Amy Jo Johnson Actress, Singer Animals put together a musical act to enter a talent show, but don't let a bird join them until they discover the bird's singing talent
Toads on Toast Linda Bailey Jacob Hoggard Singer Fox attempts to cook toads but one of the toads puts him off with a toad-free recipe
Whiffy Wilson, The Wolf Who Wouldn't Wash Caryl Hart, Leonie Lord Zaib Shaikh Whiffy Wilson is a wolf who doesn't wash, but gets taught by a friend that he should
Scaredy Squirrel Mélanie Watt Peter Mansbridge News Anchor Scaredy Squirrel never leaves his tree and lives by the same routine every day but one day he falls from his tree and ventures into the unknown
Grandma Bendy Izy Penguin Tara Spencer-Nairn Actress Grandma Bendy has bendy arms and legs, and recalls the story of how she turned from thief to hero
Mr King's Things Joannie Rochette Mr King keeps replacing his existing things with new ones, but is then taught how he can find new uses for his old things
A Bedtime for Bear Melinda Shankar Bear is trying to get to sleep, while at the same time having a guest
Stanley's Party Nico Archambault Stanley, a dog, is left at home by owners so occupies himself and eventually invites other dogs over for a party
My Think-a-ma-jink Jeff Stinco Musician Boy gets given a toy which runs on his imagination
The Busy Beaver Cathy Jones Beaver is busy yet careless and doesn't realize how careless he is until he gets injured
The Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear David Bruins and Hilary Leung Anthony Calvillo Football player Three good friends learn to appreciate their differences
Larf Bret Hart Pro Wrestler Larf hears word of their being another creature of his species
Cookiebot Hugh Dillon Musician Boy builds a robot to allow him to reach for the cookie jar
Book Author/Illustrator Guest Occupation Plot
Pigeon Poo Elizabeth Baguley and Mark Chambers Des Hegarty Teacher Pigeon poos on everyone and everything in town while flying
Book Author/Illustrator Guest Occupation Plot
Grumpy Badger's Christmas Paul Bright and Jane Chapman Jim Carter Actor, Downton Abbey
Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam Tracey Corderoy and Steven Lenton Simon Gregson Actor, Coronation Street
Dustbin Dad Peter Bently and Russell Ayto Warwick Davis Actor

  • Meat Loaf shares an truly adventurous book, called The Lamb Who Came For Dinner
  • David Roberts shares an funny book about farting, called Pooh! Is That You Bertie?
  • A very pregnant Melanie C shared an beautiful book about unconditional love, called No Matter What
  • 'Bookaboos Book Blues' – Bookaboo sings the Blues
  • 'Sausages' – Growler rocks about his love of sausages
  • 'Hey You Make Some Noise' – Anthem includes the line "if you rock with the pups then you're part of the band"
  • 'Life on the Road'- ballad
  • Meat Loaf shares an truly adventurous book, called The Lamb Who Came For Dinner
  • David Roberts shares an funny book about farting, called Pooh! Is That You Bertie?
  • A very pregnant Melanie C shared an beautiful book about unconditional love, called No Matter What
  • 'Bookaboos Book Blues' – Bookaboo sings the Blues
  • 'Sausages' – Growler rocks about his love of sausages
  • 'Hey You Make Some Noise' – Anthem includes the line "if you rock with the pups then you're part of the band"
  • 'Life on the Road'- ballad


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